Mike Pence, Institutional Racism, and the Worst Family Feud Players Ever

My daughter has two favorite shows. At least, she watches two shows religiously. One of these is Family Feud. The team that choses to play gets a chance, each one individually, to guess what the survey says. That means five from the other team listen as the first team fails with three strikes to guess what the survey says. They collaborate, brainstorm, and select the best of th...
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Quiet Exits & Oligarchy: Lessons from the End of Scott Walker’s and Rick Perry’s 2016 Presidential Bids

Quiet Exits from the Field As Bernie Sanders gains fundraising momentum after his great showing in the Democratic debate, we continue along in the campaign season toward primaries for both parties. Little notice has been given to the Walker and Perry campaigns that have folded on the Republican side. Scott Walker posted to his Facebook page September 21, 2015 announcing t...
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The Need in Social Work Community Organizing: Responding to Oligarchy with Access & Math

#SWNext #SocialWorkNext #Oligarchy   The Nobel prize for Economics was announced Monday. It went to Angus Deaton for work highlighting the mechanisms that perpetuate the wealth gap between the rich and the poor. It reminded me of one of the most troubling moments ever as a social worker. I cringe when I hear another social worker state that they don't like Math, or w...
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The Empathy Solution for Racism, Sexism, Homophobia & The Co-opting of Fear

#SWNext #SocialWorkNext #JusticeOrElse #Empathy The Co-Opting of Fear Which is more powerful, hatred or fear? Hatred can motivate many intentional destruction of things that are disliked. But, fear creates more things to rail against from imagined visions of even unreasonable things that may be. Supremacy groups have long used fear as a way to recruit new members. This was ...
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