Financial Literacy: Stocks, Credit, Life

Two years ago, I bought my kids $1000 in gifts for Christmas. I sold that Facebook stock last month for $2300…. — Dr Michael theMentor (@MAWMedia) December 14, 2014 Who Should Attend Are you working just to pay your bills? Do you have more month than you have money? Have you ever wanted to […]

MAWMonday Motivators 12/08/2014

I opened Twitter today to have my day instantly brightened by a notification. @JusMe_RissaD let me know that she had posted a blog. As I read, I knew what I wanted to write for MAWMonday Motivators. As I lurked more Twitter feeds, I realized that many major tweeters are with me. 1. Know the History […]

Cooking up Success: Ingredients Outline

The secret ingredient is a #belief that someone believes in you. Add #discipline, #vision, and #initiative. Stir… — Dr Michael theMentor (@MAWMedia) June 16, 2014 It’s not the #coaching itself that makes the difference. It’s the calculation to take risks. — Dr Michael theMentor (@MAWMedia) June 16, 2014 Discipline: Whatever the goal, it […]

Entrepreneur Series: Janet Blakemore

I have always been fascinated with entrepreneurs. People who exemplify the courage to launch and maintain a business are inspiring to me. As I brainstormed topics for my blog, I landed on the idea to honor some of these risk takers. Along the way, I have learned quite a bit about leadership, accounting, networking, and other […]