MAWMonday Motivators 09/20/2015

#MondayMotivation You set your heart on something that you wanted to achieve. You put in the time to plan and schedule your success. You have produced a bit. You have experienced some success. But, your momentum is hampered because you're smart enough to know the length of the road ahead. Respect is not enough. A large network was never your goal. Sales are great. But, your go...
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Social Work Next Overview

Overview:  Social workers are on the front lines of social entrepreneurship, financial capability, public education, and health care. Yet, the profession is only now discussing the integration of these practice areas into social work education. Rather than focusing on the micro-macro distinctions, the profession must return to its roots toward integration of skills across sy...
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SCME Series Institutional 002: The System Value in Blaming

Blaming by Another Name I recently attended a Social and Emotional Learning conference excited to interact with K-12 educators. During the keynote, the speaker invited three high school students up onto the stage and asked them a few questions. One question asked was, “What would you change about schools?” One of students responded, “I would increase parent involvement in the ...
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