Maintaining a Healthy Weight: Holiday Ideas

Maintaining a Healthy Weight: Holiday Ideas

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The holidays are upon us! That will make this concept of “healthy weight” a challenging for about two and a half months. But, I believe it can still be done. Part of feeling your best is looking good. That means keeping the weight in check with will power, diet, and exercise. With a few adjustments to your routine, you will be well on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

The Mental Decision
Anything that you want to do first takes place in your mind. A decision has to be made, and a plan has to be configured. Maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging for some if you’re head isn’t in the game. Without a conscious effort, you would literally be disconnected from your behavior. When you adopt a lifestyle of health, you make the decision to think through choices and understand consequences that may alter your health positively or negatively.

What Goes In
Let’s just agree there are many options of things to eat. I mentioned at the beginning of this blog that the holidays are right around the corner. That means sweet treats, stuffing, and dishes made with lots of butter–I mean LOVE. This is not the time to panic about your weight. Maintaining a healthy weight holiday or not is a lifestyle choice. That means the same rule applies no matter what occasion it is.

I for one do not put restraints on myself, because I want the season and my life to be full of joy, not restrictions. So, I just stay reasonable. Just remember you have total control of what you choose to eat. Be careful with alcohol it is liquid sugar. Be careful of the sugars, they turn to fat. But, reasonable means thoughtful and balanced. Guard against excess and strain. Don’t force. Start with a sample/taster plate with smaller portions. Go back for that second plate without guilt, but only get what you liked best.

Do get adequate daily servings of fiber. Too much fiber will can cause you to feel constipated, so be sure to drink plenty of water. In fact, begin each morning with two glasses of water. Start with salads if they are on the menu, without going overboard with salad dressing.  Salad will give your “full reflex” a jump start while you enjoy your sample plate.

Physical activity is part of maintaining a healthy weight. There are a ton of options available. An active lifestyle doesn’t take the back seat during the holidays. Physical activity is part of your daily routine. Being active will keep your weight in check, but you will also benefit internally with increased energy, healthy heart, and mood booster to name a few. If you can’t do a work out all at one time, exercise at different points during the day. Your effort will reward you today and years to come. Heel lifts while reaching for wrapping paper, squats while checking pies in the oven, parking far from the entrance during shopping trips, and picking up babies up to 5 years old will keep your blood pumping.

average-holiday-season1Tips to help you maintain a healthy weight:

  • Make being healthy a lifestyle and not a fad.
  • Know the value of things you eat.
  • Make a decision and stick with it, this practice will allow you to stay honest with yourself.
  • Don’t skip meals, this is not helpful to your body.
  • Create a routine for physical activity that fits with your other activities.
  • Limit sugars including alcohol, ciders, and drinks that are not 100% juice.
  • Drink water as a first choice instead of soda and fruit juices.
  • Watch servings at restaurants, take some food home, or share a meal.

Maintaining a healthy is a doable task. I want you to be encouraged and be confident that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do. A healthy weight will affect your overall health in a positive way. Making it a lifestyle is the key. Please tell others the good news and share this along with good will and peace to all.

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