Health:  A Gift to Self

Health: A Gift to Self

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As a Nurse, I see people who suffer from a variety of health ailments. On my job, I work at different tasks to better their present situation, yet my mind can’t help but entertain the what if question. What if their ailment was prevented by eating a healthy diet, taking the time to exercise? What if they had taken the time to work therapeutically through their mental health issues instead of depending on unsustainable methods? Throughout my nursing career, I thought about those what if questions and made health literacy and illness prevention my focus. I would like to share a gift that you can give yourself today. You will reap the rewards throughout your life, the gift of health.

The Gift of Food
I laugh as I write this section because just the other day I was eating, really enjoying my food and my husband commented, “You really enjoy your food.” He was exactly right. I do enjoy eating good food. It made me think about the relationships we have with our food. The way we interact with food could potentially be dangerous to our health. Using food for boredom, loneliness, or to make you feel safe and secure are all inappropriate ways to use food.

FoodExerciseCWyjkORXAAAA1q4Food provides nutrition and fuel for the body, and it satisfies hunger. In order to acquire the health benefit from food you have to be selective. Everything that taste good to you is not good for you. If you don’t know how to eat in moderation and sparingly partake of those things that provide no nutritional value, then you will set yourself up for health issues down the line.
Obesity is prominent among teens and adults today. Have a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in your reach. Don’t skip meals. Read labels to be sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to perform. As long as you are in control and not the food, bon appetite!

The Gift of Energy
I have heard people say you never appreciate walking until you can’t do it anymore. I haven’t felt illness to that extreme. I have had a sprained ankle before. I had to limp around and keep my foot elevated for a few days. That was torture enough for me. Think about having a bad case of osteoarthritis in your hands or knees. Walking is not the same, neither is opening a jar of pickles. Your joints are affected and life has to be lived a different way. When I say the gift of energy, I ‘m saying take advantage of the freedom you have to move and be physically active.
Exercise is the key to unlock energy. You will then reap the benefits of a good physique and proper functioning body parts. A sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to health. Take time to incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyle. It could be as simple as a daily walk, swim, or riding your bike.

The Gift of Mental Health
Your mind is the first place where change takes place. Having a mind that is able to think clearly, with logic is to be safe guarded. Mental health is a must, yet it can be taken by unmanaged stress, unresolved trauma, and unhealthy ways of coping. If you are like me, you value your peace of mind. I don’t know if you are aware of how much information passes through your brain in a day. There have been times that I have laid down at night and my mind is still rushing with thoughts. In those times, I had to bring my worries to rest with meditation and relaxation interventions.

It’s not a secret that we live in a world full of ups and downs, disappointments and stress. But even with all that, we can have peace and mental health. When it gets to be too much for you to handle, call a trusted friend. Sometimes you just need someone to listen. Writing out your troubles is another good way to get them out of your head. Be sure to not make snappy decisions, or use chemical substances whether legal or illegal drugs. You only place your mental capacity at risk. Some turn to alcohol to numb their pain, but I want to challenge you to be more intentional as you choose an intervention to ease your troubled mind. Every day, practice positive talks with yourself, and know that you are worthy of peace.

As a health coach, my desire is to see people live their life to the fullest. That means without preventable illness. I know there are challenges that we face in our everyday life that can make obtaining good health seem impossible. But, my challenge to you is to focus on yourself as worthy enough to make the commitment, and see yourself transform into the picture of health I know you can be. For now, be healthy and make it a lifestyle!

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