Health S.O.S.:  Self-awareness, Ownership, and Success

Health S.O.S.: Self-awareness, Ownership, and Success

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#HealthTip #Tuesday

sosLet me introduce you to the tools that will make your New Year goals become reality.  Health S.O.S , is your surrender to Self-awareness, Ownership and Success.  These three tools will equip you to better approach your health and personal goals.  In the paragraphs that follow I will explain in further detail.


Self-awareness involves pulling out each element of self and separating into categories of awareness.  Think of yourself as an individual.  Achievement is not about your environment or other people. When you view yourself, what do you see?  My hope is that you see your strengths, weaknesses, and an honest look at who you really are.

Setting health goals is a good way to take you to the next level in your health journey.  The fun part of moving forward is engaging in the steps of your goals.  But, in order to be fully be engaged in your goals, you must be honest with yourself. Honesty is extremely important to your success.  Be aware of what has hindered you in the past from meeting your goals.  Make interventions that can be used to chase away excuses that arise to prevent you from working on your goals.

Here’s an example, say you made the goal to eat something healthy for breakfast every morning.  Full disclosure: the problem in the past has been you get up late, so you rush to get ready.  You might grab a doughnut, or stop a McDonalds on your way to work.  Sometimes you don’t get anything until lunch!

The Solution:  When you buy groceries, buy healthy foods that you can pack up and grab easily as you are running out the door.  Things like fruit or protein bars.  This will save you money, be healthier than junk food or fast food, and it will give you the energy your body needs to start the day. (Hint: you can also get up with enough time to fix breakfast, and eat it at home. Do both?)


Ownership calls you to be accountable and responsible to yourself.  When you set your goals you must own them.  Select goals that will make you proud when you achieve them.  If you don’t feel any attachment to your goals, you are less able to do what it takes to accomplish them.  Understand the benefits of the goals you select.  For example, being aware that if you lose twenty pounds, you will physically look better, your blood pressure will be normal, and you will be able to walk upstairs without losing your breath, may provide some motivation.  But, if you are in denial about being overweight, you can’t own a plan to lose weight.  Ownership behaviors are activities that you perform to accomplish your goals.  You may find it helpful after making your list of goals to also make a list of activities you would need to do to achieve them.


Success is your reward for investing in yourself.  Success doesn’t have to just be experienced when you achieve your goal.  Enjoy success along the way to your goal!  Small successes empower you to keep the focus.  Give yourself a daily thumbs up for achieving tasks that contribute to your goals.  Take note. If you can do something daily, you can do it weekly.  Soon, you will realize how it becomes a lifestyle.

doughnut-SOSRemember to celebrate success sustainably.  Steer clear of things that will set you back.  Let’s use the example about losing weight. Say you lost two pounds in your first week.  To celebrate by purchasing a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and eating all of them would definitely set you back.  But, finding something to do that is not a food reward would be more beneficial. Take a bubble bath, or purchase that book you’ve had your eye on.

As you assess your new goals for the New Year, incorporate Health S.O.S into your plan.  Make this year about success and lifestyle.  As a nurse and health coach, I know good health is not given just because we want it.  Good health is the result of being intentional with your daily lifestyle. You can accomplish your goals this year, one step at a time.  Happy New Year and Happy Health!

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