Anger Conversion to Energy: The Waterwheel Installation

Anger Conversion to Energy: The Waterwheel Installation

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69722d4ebad0ea7969ce6a63006d2481After most traumatic episodes, denial gives way to anger. Anger is an emotion characterized by an inconsolable aggression. Not a simple frustration, but the heat and adrenaline that is produced when you are faced with even the thought of your trauma and its chief perpetrators.

If this emotion robs you of energy and saps motivation on a consistent basis, seek help from a professional counselor. It is important to rule out physiological or mental health issues that may be the source of your fatigue.

The Analogy of Anger

Some might counsel you to get rid of anger. They may be forgetting what it is like to have anger. Anger is a thunderstorm with strong winds of chaos and crisis. In the midst of a storm of anger, sight is diminished, roadways are dangerous, and everything is drenched with rain.

Your natural tendency to hold back anger creates a reservoir within you dammed by the strength of your will. It can only be held back for a period equal to the force you apply to keep it in check. If the reservoir is continually added to without release, the dam does not have to break. The reservoir will overflow. All that energy will rush through creating a secondary drenching of emotional chaos even after the original storm has long since passed away.


Consider that this analogy is an expression of anger as emotion. The original storm is trauma with its winds representing chaos and crisis. The result could be a loss of electrical power—your feelings of powerlessness. The rain is emotion pooled in a figurative reservoir. The harnessing of this potential and conversion of this emotion into energy are the resolutions of trauma toward the achievement of your continual success.

Harnessing Emotion as Energy

Reservoirs can be dammed as a way to produce energy. Controlled release of water over waterwheels or turbines provides energy by harnessing the momentum of the water flow to create power for machinery. Your emotions fill the reservoir. They are neither good nor bad. Your forgiveness is the waterwheel. You install forgiveness for you, not for anyone else. The machinery is the mechanism that powers your purpose. Install forgiveness, and power your dreams.

[This passage is excerpted from the upcoming book Deceptions, Distractions, and Disillusionment: Barrier to Your Success and Ours by Michael A. Wright.]