The Lifestyle Approach to Productivity

The Lifestyle Approach to Productivity

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Busy does not always mean productive. Productivity is nothing without health. I take a holistic approach to life in general. So, I consider mental, physical, and nutrition as the factors that contribute to my overall well-being. They both contribute to and define my productivity. Keep reading to see how these factors can influence your productivity.

When you think of productivity, don’t think of simple doing. Think of creating a lifestyle. You will see in my writing that the “Lifestyle” approach just works for everything.  It takes practice to get your mental, physical, and nutritional habits in the right balance for optimum productivity.


The mental piece is so important because it feeds confidence with instruction to the other areas.  All the information that we receive has to be processed through our brain.  At that point we get to decide how we will handle the information.  To be your most productive, develop a thought pattern that sorts things out for you like life goals, past trauma, self-esteem, and other characteristics.

Sometimes, while we have good intention on being productive, our thoughts take us in another direction.  We have to have something that counteracts the roadblocks that hinder us from getting things done. Productivity requires a deeper commitment beyond simply quoting positive words throughout the day.  It is a belief in one’s self to achieve in spite of any situation you may face.

I like to think of our mental health as the central computer that directs our other health areas. The way we think really is important to our outcomes. We enlist the popular phrase “Mind over Matter” when there is something we want to tackle but really don’t feel like it. The more we are in tune with ourselves and have a plan of how to counteract the negatives, the more we move forward and experience success each day.


Being active is a sure way to get the blood flowing.  Activity is the engine that churns within each of us. Sometimes, our schedules get so full that we neglect to make time for physical activity.  This too is a lifestyle move to make.

You’ve probably heard of endorphins.  Endorphins are chemicals that are released during intense exercise.  They function as the body’s natural pain killer. They can also can boost your mood.  Everybody’s body is different. So, I can’t say that we are all going to get the same amount of endorphins per activity we perform.  That is something you will have to experiment with for yourself.  I do know that including some physical activity in your day will give you a better mood and improve your physical presentation.  In turn, it will provide some confidence towards your productivity. You will feel better, look better, and get something done.


Nutrition is the lifestyle move that provides the energy required for productivity.  There are two benefits to eating a good nutritious diet that come to mind right away.  One, it provides key elements that will energize you throughout the day.  Two, a great diet will prevent illness, which will maintain productivity without the interruption of illness.

Including things in your diet like spinach, kale, or wheat grass will give your immune system a boost.  Limiting foods that offer very little or no nutrition will allow you to have less lag time from a lack of energy.  Throughout the day, eat regular meals and healthy snacks.  Your body will benefit and so will your productivity.

I like to start my day with an energy drink.  Not the processed, caffeinated, high sugar drinks or things like that.  I’m talking about drinks you can blend yourself or ones that contain natural ingredients without all the high dose stimulants, like caffeine.


I hope you are convinced that a holistic approach is the way to get more done.  When you are balanced and you have a positive outlook on your success, you will be motivated to be productive.  Making the holistic approach into a lifestyle of productivity will ensure continued progress and growth.

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