Life Map: Lesson 001

Life Map: Lesson 001

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Life Passion versus Safe Bet: The Questions

Believe it or not, some people continue to live in fear wondering what it would be like to live their dreams. They are not just fearful of the risk, they are tethered, chained by the expectations of others. It is safer for them, in their minds, to live according to a plan someone else outlined. They are unsure if taking the responsibility for choices is right for them.

In this first lesson, we need to determine if you are going to live your Life’s Passion or take the Safe Bet. You should continue in this training either way. The information on managing your life will benefit you either way. But, this lesson is designed to show you what you would be missing if you took the safe bet.


We start with some important questions for you to answer. But, we also focus in on the differences in the questions you ask yourself. If you are going to live your life’s passion, your questions must involve vision, doing, becoming, and legacy. It begins with your mindset—the way you discuss YOU with yourself.

  • What is your vision for yourself? Not just where you see yourself, but seeing the behaviors, the lifestyle, and tracing the next step.
  • What do you want to do? Leaving the bed each morning, and focusing on a process, tasks and outcomes, what activities would support your enjoyment? It won’t always be easy, but you know it would be worth it.
  • What do you want to become? Not just a position, title, or job. What character and responsibility are you willing to assume? How will you be responsible to your gift?
  • What do you want as your legacy? Not just an inheritance of wealth to your grandchildren. What ethics, morals, and lessons will you leave through your example, the family you nurtured, and the institutions you developed?