6 Translated Comments on Ideas & Entrepreneurship

6 Translated Comments on Ideas & Entrepreneurship

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Dime a dozen
Ideas are a dime for a dozen. But, it’s a dime well spent. As you capture those thoughts on paper like so many lightning bugs in a summer night’s jar. The sight inspires like light to dreams in a creative mind dimmed by time and stressors, now freed as the way is lit.

Translation: Put your ideas on paper, and get to work producing them.

In Proportion
The discomfort or disruption will be in proportion to your fears. You may think that plans are like clouds that softly lift you up the ladder. But, it’s more like climbing in open air without a net. The more you fear falling, the harder it is to give up the good rung and take hold of the great rung.

Translation: Planning is not enough, you must put in the work to produce.

Formed in Space
With the promise of anything as possibility, your ideas are multitudinous. Seemingly out of reach like so many stars in the night sky while you are confined and earthbound. Whether telescope, space ship, or imagination, build your instrument to research and reach those stars. And, even while earthbound, make your impact on the world.

Translation: Impact the world by choosing an idea and working to make it real.

Explored in Freedom
Free your thoughts from the limits of supposed realities. Return to the primal state of survival elevated by a sense of interrelation. You must succeed. Like breathing motivates a subconscious rhythm of inhale and exhale, so your goals motivate intentional steps one after the other.

Translation: Act as if it is as important as breathing.

Confirmed with Production
Creativity is little without the translation that converts small electrical pulses into tangible representations. The full-scale visions of your mind must be mapped and disassembled to be pieced together with materials you source in the real world.

Translation: A commitment to production makes an idea real, otherwise you have nothing worth mentioning.

Sustained through Models
A business model is the mechanism by which your revenue is scheduled for arrival. Like the inner workings of a clock, gears maintained from the wear of competition, oiled by the freedom to innovate, your considerate model can keep perfect time.

Translation: Make money as you produce to keep producing.