A Talk with Brady Boe Series Writer Taunya Wright

Taunya Wright, Writer is special, but she does not want people to view her story or her achievements as out of reach. Even as she makes the second book in the Brady Boe series, Wild Honey, available for distribution, she is brimming with encouragement for aspiring authors and others who want to pursue life-long dreams.

The Core: Determination and Desire

Taunya suggests that you find what motivates you. “I’m trying to beat the clock, to make up for time lost.” Taunya tells MAWMedia Group that the last few years were an opportunity to explore what she was capable of and to challenge herself to do what she can do with what she knows. She admits that some may look on and see her two published books as a great achievement, but she desires to do more. With End-Time Saga her first adult novel planned for Summer 2013, she is already doing more.

Family Support & Responsibility

Family support can provide a context for success, but the absence of such support cannot be an excuse. “My husband is supportive, but I still have to write the stories myself,” Taunya quips with a chuckle. She describes the great challenge as determining to actually do what you desire to do. “I still have to care for my kids, take care of my husband, show up for my job, and take time for myself. But, I also want to write. So, I make time.”

Find out what it takes. Even before you evaluate your family support, you have to determine that you will NOT make excuses. Do not disqualify yourself  BEFORE you create your content, bake your first cake, or decorate your first interior.

“I have made excuses. I wanted to write ever since I was little…I had to stop with the excuses and stretch to accomplish what I wanted to do.”

Scheduling Time: Feeding Desire

“I don’t have 8 hours. I feed a paragraph at a time…a page at a time. Feeding that desire is how I get it done,” Taunya continues. She identifies scheduling as a most important skill. She suggests that scheduling is about tools as well as time. Writing is not just the time on a wordprocessor. It is also the time spent thinking and developing  ideas. Taunya keeps a journal and a filing system to keep track of new and developing ideas.

“You have a vision of what you want to see. You feed on that vision until it is complete.”

Taunya subscribes to the Writer magazine, which she reads for leisure and insight. The scene planning technique she uses was developed based on an article that appeared in the magazine. She explains that “feeding” means scheduling, journaling, reading, and the writing.


“It’s a part of my personality not to give up. I realize where my gift is. I have to use what I have.” Taunya desires to leave a legacy. Her push is to live to her full potential. She has children, but rather than making them an excuse for why she cannot produce, they are motivation to provide an example of success. See the task at hand in steps. Engage with people who can call you out on your excuses. Above all, Taunya counsels that you must not stand in your own way.

“You are your biggest obstacle. Don’t lose out on being creative. Your dreams are bigger. Look beyond fear and excuses, and take steps to produce what you want in the world.”

Follow Taunya’s work at http://www.facebook.com/authortsw