Creating Opportunities and Changing Horizons (COACH)

COACHMethodCOACH Method is an intervention at multiple systems levels (individual, institutional, and community). The systematic process identifies individual social capital and encourages individuals to seek and participate in social contracts. Individual social capital connects in dyads, connecting to larger social networks, connecting to markets for economic gain that extends to the larger community.

The program addresses multiple systems levels through this sociocybernetic capacity-building structure. The multi-systemic impact of COACH Method builds Personal Insight, Partnering Criteria, and Community Capacity.

The Movement

COACH Method is a bonafide movement: a community change movement through individual capacity building.

It is the institutionalization of a community change movement funded through a generational law of legacy based in sustainable social entrepreneurship toward wealth creation. This requires a comprehensive approach to systems change both at the individual systems level, through institutions, and at the community systems level.

COACH Method seeks to understand and influence complex systems through targeted, modular, and scalable interventions that:

  • retrain unsustainable behavior through the development of creativity
  • implement technology to build infrastructure in service of business and wealth building, and
  • train social enterprise development to support sustainable community development.

Our Values

At the foundation of our values is the promotion of holistic health and well-being–the idea that:

  • Healthy people in healthy communities decide life choices based on principle recognizing how individual action affects the community.
  • Wholeness is the integration of personal and professional values toward interpersonal interactions that are just, progressive, and altruistic.

Value Action Phrases

  • Demonstrate Relevance to the Individual
  • Define Mechanisms for Community Sustainability
  • Diagram Community Impact as an Exercise in Transparency
  • Construct Practice Frameworks to Ensure Replication
  • Identify Attending Literature to Establish Credibility
  • Evaluate Competing Ideas to Renew Creativity
  • Integrate Personal and Professional Values for Holistic Health

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