Author Coaching

I have 3 options: Ghostwriting, Write With Me, or Author Coaching.

Ghostwriting is a few for service in which I write the book to your specifications. I quote a cost and deadline. We talk through the outline, agree, and I write to the deadline.

Write With Me
Write With Me is an interview based writing process. I interview you for $25 per half-hour, writing while you talk. The finished product is then quoted for edit, revision, and publication.

Author Coaching
Author Coaching is a fee for service piece meal. I quote you a service like “Outline.” You pay for that, then decided if you want to go to a next service: “Granulate” where I create 3 sub-topics for each chapter of your outline. I keep submitting service quotes until you are ready to finish the project yourself or until the product is finished and ready for the publication process.

Follow this LINK and get started. Or, Contact for custom projects.