Official Launch Party

Sunday, May 27, 2012, 5pm-9pm CST Michael & Taunya invite family and friends to the Official LAUNCH PARTY. Attend in person or via webcast. RSVP for the official launch party to convene at the home of MAWMedia Group, Nashville, Tennessee. The event will be a family affair, so bring the kids of all ages. […]

Your Personal Bakery (2 of 2)

Starting Your Personal Bakery The first question is: What do you know? What is it that you know more about than anyone in your circle? What advice or services do you always seem to be providing for others? What need do you continually run into? Consider that you respond, see, or know about this topic […]

Your Personal Bakery (1 of 2)

The Pie and the Bakery A predominant paradigm in society today is that of a pie—a reality of scarce resources and expanding needs. Everyone is conditioned to seek her piece of the pie. Let us take that analogy for a moment. One option is to get a piece of the pie. Another option is to […]