Call for Papers: Orientation to College Project

For Immediate Release (Revision 7/25/2012): MAWMedia Group is releasing an ongoing Call for Papers for the upcoming title “Orientation to College: Learning a New Educational Culture.” Authors of all abilities are encouraged to engage in the MAWMedia Group writing process and submit content. Acceptance of manuscripts will be ongoing. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Navigating financial aid,
  • Study habits,
  • Writing better term papers,
  • Connecting with teachers,
  • Seeking help, and
  • Balancing adult life and college.

Selected writers will receive authorship credit for their contribution along with a free copy of the product in which their submission is accepted. Contact Michael Wright, editor, to propose topics, the standard outline, and writing process.

The first production volume will be an edited collection of at least 31 topics. A text and DVD, produced periodically, will be marketed to beginning college students as well as high school juniors and seniors. The product will present information on the realities of college attendance. Activities are also provided that, once completed, will prepare the student for success.

Authors will be provided with support and guidance toward production of a suitable contribution. No prior authorship or advanced research ability is required. The first edition of the print product is targeted for completion Fall 2012 with the DVD companion scheduled for Spring 2013.