Sustainable Program Design: Where To Start

Often, (too often in my opinion) great social enterprises are started and stopped. They were started with the promise of engaging the least of these, filling in a service gap, or enabling community progress. They end with bitter feelings of a community ill-equipped and non-supportive. I mention this because the reality of other social enterprises […]

Writing: Five-Card Outlining with Index Cards

In my publishing enterprise, I find that many authors are able to organize chapters. They can usually build the chapter outline, build chapter summaries, and compose an overview of the book itself. This makes a draft book prospectus, a first step toward communicating the aims of a book project. From here, authors with much to […]

Products: Where to Begin

[Michael A. Wright is mentor, life coach, entrepreneur, curriculum specialist, and Owner/President of MAWMedia Group. His interests span behavioral health, family systems, and wealth creation. Follow @MAWMedia ]   Four types of products exist: books, websites, DVD, and CDROM. These are the basic media that you can employ to disseminate your content. After you have […]