Constructing the Narrative with Balance of Bias

A key for any writer be they novelist, journalist, copywriter, screen writer, or blogger is to construct the narrative. What does it mean to construct the narrative? The narrative is a justification for the state of the world AND a personal explanation for choices made. It is the WHY and the articulated meaning. Depending on […]

Writing for Blogs: Expertise as a Lens on Current Events

Expertise is important to the continuous production and posting of content on a blog. You cannot keep up the pace of multi-weekly posts if you do not have a sense of your own expertise. Yet, this is not the only requirement. Expertise also does not alone equal rankings and readership in today’s social media-fueled and […]

Formulaic Writing: Outlining Fiction

You have now understood that an effective method for writing fiction is to think in terms of beginning, middle, and end. Fiction often begins with a character introduction. The middle section will explore the character dilemma exposing the character flaws. The ending will describe a resolution of relationships and the central character’s dilemma. Your outline […]

Formulaic Writing: Creating a Training Script

You have no doubt scripted the general outline (beginning, middle, and end) for the training. Introduction is first. Practical application is second. A transferable skill finalizes the training. Consider what you want the learner to know, think, and do upon completion of the training. More specifically, the sequence, tools, and assessments you create should provide […]