Taunya Wright Moves to Full-Time CEO

Press Release – Nashville. Taunya Wright, RN has accepted the call for full-time appointment as Chief Executive Officer of MAWMedia Group, LLC effective July 1, 2016. Michael A. Wright will continue as Chairman of the Board and Staff Consultant one day per week. Taunya’s charge leverages her expertise in health care, education, and writing. Two […]

#DeceptionsBook Available Now

Find yourself. Find your help. The book accomplishes 2 simple tasks. First, it identifies and discusses the primary barriers to collaboration. Second, it provides the methods for overcoming the barriers. The difference is that it takes the discussion deep into the system of deception, self-deception, role and identity confusion, guilt, shame, and adult development in […]

Hillary Clinton Can Do Better on Race

Hillary Clinton is currently using a rhetorical device that is an attempt to be “honest.” It is a call for us to be reflective about our own indifference to the racial divide. The problem is, former Secretary of State Clinton reinforces an irrational fear, masked in a logical fallacy to justify an unsustainable ego defense. […]