Social Work Next Overview

Overview:  Social workers are on the front lines of social entrepreneurship, financial capability, public education, and health care. Yet, the profession is only now discussing the integration of these practice areas into social work education. Rather than focusing on the micro-macro distinctions, the profession must return to its roots toward integration of skills across systems. […]

Financial Literacy: Stocks, Credit, Life

Two years ago, I bought my kids $1000 in gifts for Christmas. I sold that Facebook stock last month for $2300…. — Dr Michael theMentor (@MAWMedia) December 14, 2014 Who Should Attend Are you working just to pay your bills? Do you have more month than you have money? Have you ever wanted to […]

MAWMonday Motivators 12/08/2014

I opened Twitter today to have my day instantly brightened by a notification. @JusMe_RissaD let me know that she had posted a blog. As I read, I knew what I wanted to write for MAWMonday Motivators. As I lurked more Twitter feeds, I realized that many major tweeters are with me. 1. Know the History […]

Cooking up Success: Ingredients Outline

The secret ingredient is a #belief that someone believes in you. Add #discipline, #vision, and #initiative. Stir… — Dr Michael theMentor (@MAWMedia) June 16, 2014 It’s not the #coaching itself that makes the difference. It’s the calculation to take risks. — Dr Michael theMentor (@MAWMedia) June 16, 2014 Discipline: Whatever the goal, it […]