Dialogue: MAWMonday Motivators 08/13/2017

Dialogue Even if it Results in Compromise

The solution will not work if we do not approach it with the goal of consensus and the willingness to compromise. Dialogue continues as long as we observe those two tenets. We lose once we demonize the other, call names, and close our ears. As any adult can attest, silence is the state to be feared. Once the dialogue ends, the options diminish drastically.

How does this motivate you? It must speak to you about your contribution to the dialogue. You must begin to make your voice heard. Make your contribution to the public discourse. The solution is for you to get rich. You only get rich through development of a network. You only develop a network through coalescing around a message. What is your message? That message, broadcast, is the beginning of change.

Twitter is with me. You knew that already. Make the choice to make your contribution to the dialolgue.

1. Solve It

I don’t think it is a prerequisite that you have the answer completely thought out. You just need to be committed to participating with your piece of the puzzle. And, the problem is a puzzle. The pieces are all scattered, different, and colored differently. But, they are all a part of the puzzle. We can’t silence, disregard, or get rid of pieces of the puzzle and still have the same scene in the end. So, only a small set of rules constrain us.

Rule #1: We cannot force pieces where they don’t fit.
Rule #2: All pieces must be used as part of the final solution.
Rule #3: People working on other areas of the puzzle are not to be characterized as not working.
Rule #4: New pieces are added all the time and change the puzzle’s outcome. Don’t fear. Integrate them.

2. Write

It doesn’t even have to be with a pen. Technology has advanced sense the quote was uttered. You can be live in moments from your phone. What do you say? Just make sure it is a contribution, not just a reaction. Make sure it is authentic, not just plain spoken. Make sure it is a precursor to listening, not just an ultimatum. And, continue in the dialogue until WE reach some level of consensus, even if it is compromise.

3. Be Happy

Happiness is as happiness contributes authenticity however strange, weird, silly, or misunderstood. The key is that you are authentic. The challenge is that an element of vulnerability always attends authenticity. Think about it. Sarcasm, humor, and obvious defensiveness are all attempts to shield yourself from scrutiny. Don’t strive to be a person with nothing to hide. Strive to be a person who only happiness to share.

4. Persevere

You have what you need, but you will get more as your needs develop over time. So keep moving. Keep doing those things that bring you joy. Keep bringing joy to others and creating a community of caring that you can be proud of. It will require some sacrifice. You cannot have everything you want. But, many of those wants will pass away as you mature in your understanding of what community means. Continue to learn and grow to realize that the world is larger than your world. The governance of your world has a place in the world, but it is not the world.

5. Tip Toe

Not because you are fearful, but because tip toe, crawl, or roll may be the only strength you can muster in the moment. In dialogue, it may be the only progress you can make at the moment. Yet, it is progress nonetheless. Count it as a win. Count it as motivation for the next hurdle. Talk through differences. Earn respect. Our communities can thrive as we commit ourselves to dialogue.