At MAWMedia Group, our goal is to create content that will engage, inform, and motivate. We seek aesthetic resonance in the products that leave our production unit. More than just user-friendliness, we realize that elements in design have the ability to create an environment that affects the mood and awareness of the users. Supported by this approach, our products target both the intellect and the emotion centers of users. We recognize the power of design to communicate ideas and manage the meaning of the messages received. Our interactive products present ideas and create experiences.

From Desk to Desktop to Disc

Our focus is on storytelling and progressively educating the user. Whether it’s in the form of a game, a lesson, a novel, or a movie, we utilize a proprietary process in competency-based education to develop engaging products. We begin by organizing content. We then build both linear and non-linear outlines of the content, and package your content for distribution.

In addition to award winning design, we add voice over, feedback elements, active content, and animation to produce a top-tier interactive media product. If you want to connect with your audience through print, web, CDROM, or DVD, we can assist with a primary product and accompanying materials.

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