Entrepreneur Series: Janet Blakemore

I have always been fascinated with entrepreneurs. People who exemplify the courage to launch and maintain a business are inspiring to me. As I brainstormed topics for my blog, I landed on the idea to honor some of these risk takers. Along the way, I have learned quite a bit about leadership, accounting, networking, and other skills associated with successful business ventures.

1897949_828184227208684_490549887_nToday, I highlight Janet Blakemore. Janet is a simply youthful, vibrant spirit of a person. This introduction to her business will remind you that tradition is not all stuffy and dry. She provides a perspective on supplementing income and including a  social purpose in business. Her vision for growth is supported by a great product and an engaging personality.

I am most inspired by Janet’s honesty as she shares her biggest challenge. If you are working your own business, you will cycle around periodically to a question of quitting. I often coach business owners to live in the future success and work backwards everyday. Rather than stressing over the current challenge, focus on that next productive step.

Question 1: What is name and your business?

Rodan and Fields Skincare Consultant

Q2: How did you figure out that your skill/hobby could be a business?

I have been a full-figured model for 20 years and have always been involved in skin care, makeup and fashion as a
side job or business. I sold Mary Kay, recruited by Beauti Control, Arbonne and have always been asked by colleagues and girlfriends for help, so it became my other life.

Q3: What are the tools or know-how you feel you need to get to the next level in your business?

Recruiting a willing partner to be a consultant and finding a new customer base.

Q4: Who are your role models or examples as entrepreneurs who built businesses before you?

On a larger scale Tyler Perry and Oprah, but people like that can be over used in the example of success. Rodans major example is the first Consultant, who was a Kindergarten teacher who was getting laid off and started marketing the product. She is now the first millionaire and now 5 million dollar earner. She proved a person can succeed and since her, there are a few others who have succeeded. But, no blacks have reached that high yet.

1557650_10203129971477999_1145066989_nQ5: What’s the toughest business decision you have had to make up to this point?

To continue. There are days when I see others succeeding and feel extremely inadequate. I wonder if I made the right decision to try this venture.

Q6: How is your business or product unique from others in the market?

The guarantee is flawless and the business model is high tech but easy to understand, and the company provides everything to be successful. The product itself is for “all” skin types, and the results are phenomenal. The return policy is also one of the best in the industry. The main objective is reversing sun damage and preventing aging from sun damage. So, no colors or lipsticks or foundations are sold, this product enables your skin to be beautiful with or without makeup.

Q7: What are your goals for your business?

I would like to be successful enough to be able to share the business with others and to be able to market more as a teacher to other ethnicities. Yes, the money is a safety net for my future, but it is so unique. I want all women to see the beauty in saving our skin from sun damage which is what Rodan and Fields is about.

janetQuoteQ8: What other things should we be on the lookout for from your business?

I want to be able to combine my modeling and fashion consulting into the business. That will enable me to be more helpful in more ways, especially in the area of enhancing self-esteem.

Q9: What other comments would you like to make?

I like being a classy woman. It is still very relevant for today’s world. I know we express our beauty in many ways, but it is important, especially for our young women, to understand that different looks exist for different occasions. I want to be able to bring that knowledge back. It does matter how we present ourselves. As a business owner, no matter how good or bad the business is going at the time, it is important that a certain image is presented. That in the long run will enhance my business and make it more successful.