MAWMonday Motivators 01/01/2017

Happy New Year!

Last year, 2016 was a challenging year with some notable achievements sprinkled among big changes. My biggest challenge was learning to allow. Openness to the process and the opportunities that present themselves resulted in a path very different from that which I had envisioned at the beginning of the year. My yearly goal achievement percentage was down to 16%, a decrease from the year before. But, after 8 years of intentional goal setting and reflection, my long-term goals are more attainable than ever. How many of you are on the verge of figuring this life out?

This week, I offer the marching orders for the year. Make goals that are challenging to achieve. And, should you only meet 16% of them by year’s end, correct for consistency, not for the audacity of your vision. Continue to collect and respond to data you collect about your process and opportunities. Build in monthly reflections, and adjust to the realizations. As always, find joy as your first priority and your daily approach. Twitter offers some seminal advice.

1. Build a Testimony

Testimony is about a spiritual conversion or experience. This got me thinking about my favorite song, Legend by Drake. I have been listening to this song on a loop for the last 2 months straight. “Oh my God! Oh my God! If I die, I’m a legend.” Why do I love this song? It’s my testimony.

It is not my goal to die a legend. It is my destiny. It’s not about achievements and accolades. For me, it has always been about the people I reach and the person required of me. The year I realized my perfection was the year that death held no fear over me. The OMG moment was when I realized that what keeps me alive is the difference I make in the lives of my children, in the context of my family, in the smile I share with my community. What’s your testimony?

2. Figure Life Out

Life is simple really. Really simple. Simply really–the reverse of what you expected. Consumerism is the lie. The grind is the lie. Unless…What do you do with what you have? The truth is that you have enough. You have been deceived with the most subtle of deceptions. Even if the goal is to get more, the process is to use what you have. It takes money to make money. That’s true. But, when you use what you have, you can create what you need.

The higher level existence is to let go of getting and clarify the path for those coming after you. Focus on moving to the next level and leaving a well-lit path behind you. You would be surprised to learn that the next level needs less than the last. The impact is greater. That impact is your more. Make a bigger impact.

3. Overcome the Voices

You have been successful at overcoming the voices that say you cannot. I’m concerned about the voices that deceive and cloud your purpose. I want you to overcome the voices that suggest that you wait to influence the world. Do your little, and watch it become much through consistency.

Platforms abound. Your message is in your experience and learning. Take the opportunity to produce beyond the desire to gain. Share wisdom and be fulfilled by what you give away.

4. Do Good and Forget

“Learn how to do good and forget.” Like the squirrel buries nuts and forgets where they are planted, plant your contributions without worrying where they seed. Your sharing is spiritual food for you. It is not about eating. It is about being–responding to purpose.

You are different from the squirrel. Your contribution consists of the good you do for your body (health), the good you do your loved ones (family), the good you do for your future (investment), the good you do for your neighbors (community). The good that you plant today will grow and provide shade. It may not be shade for you, but that was never your legend. Remember that your satisfaction was in planting–being you. When shade is needed, those who need will seek out your trees. The world will have trouble forgetting that.

5. Be More than Mediocre

Mediocre is below average. To move beyond the mediocre, add creativity plus production. It is an admonition to put your effort where your passion is. To create something tangible and enduring. Go beyond survival, making it, and even grinding. Get to thriving, creating it, and defining.

Realize that the experience of thriving or surviving, creating or consuming, grind or defining is a state of mind punctuated by your choices. Spend $100 now, or invest that money to return $125. It’s your choice. Consume or produce. Work for money, or put your money to work. New year or more of the same?