MAWMonday Motivators 01/04/2015

I have read, watched movies, discussed, and reflected over the last 60 days about life, business, and achievements on the horizon. My conclusion: I have been guilty of the cardinal sin of business development–attempting to change the world. It’s a worthy life strategy, and a noble pursuit by all accounts. But, it does not work as a business strategy. Business must be focused, meticulously branded, consistently produced, and specifically distributed. Even the development of the target market must be a niche or cult-based incarnation at the beginning, grown organically into a sprawling farm of fanatic  believers.

screen-shot-2014-02-06-at-12-03-54-pmFor this year, in life and in business, I have chosen to embrace the philosophy of #ByeFelicia. You don’t have to be familiar with the movie (Friday, 1995). Just know that I am giving up on changing the world. I’m going into farming. MAWMedia Group, a sole proprietorship for Justice, Progress, and Altruism is now MAWMedia Group, LLC a business offering lifestyle coaching, media development, and social enterprise solutions.

This is your MAWMonday Motivators presentation because I am planting seeds. Leaders will understand. Felicias will not. Leaders will  applaud a clear, streamlined, consistent, specific brand. Felicias will call you quitter and disloyal. My encouragement for you today–in the beginning of the first month of the new year–have something awesome to show for your effort this year. Remember to value your time, produce out of your love, develop your network of clients and partners, distribute for organic growth and reciprocal relationships.

1. Change YOUR World! Not a call to selfishness. It’s a call to focus on what really matters. Start with you. Now, that you enjoy perfection and exemplify resilience, model love and joy in your household. Once your housemates share in optimism and intentionality, plant seeds in your neighborhood garden as you water and nurture the plants you have already started.

Plants meant for your garden are nurtured by your engagement. Seedlings that do not grow are left. The ground was not fertile. You can’t CHANGE that. The time you waste is not waste because the person has no value, but because it is time that could have benefit for a plant that will thrive. #ByeFelicia

2. Build Legacy not Loyalty. Realize that loyalty is a misplaced concept in the development of business. It is not sensible to maintain persons in positions within your organization when the productivity does not meet expectations. You miss the reality that the person may be better suited in another capacity. You risk slowing growth in the name of loyalty. Reciprocity is a better concept to operate upon–the idea that investment provides expected return in a cycle of mutual benefit. But, even reciprocity is not the motivation. Legacy is the motivation. Burton expresses it perfectly: “chasing morality and practicing dignity.” What’s more, if your associates aren’t in line with this, bid them #ByeFelicia.

3. Learn to Fish. Yes, the first thought is to be fishers of men. But, not so fast. It’s not a wide net of indiscriminate inclusion that offers the pool of clients and partners. It is a baited trap inviting to those who are able to sense the blood in the water. Your approach is different when you are fishing for salmon versus sharks. The metaphor can get awfully complex. It’s you as the fisher, fishing for a variety of fish, utilizing caught fish to bait other fish, and more. Suffice it to say, you want a team that works, but don’t forget that the goal is leisure fishing–the kind where the fish for eating jump into the boat, the fish for rescue lead the boat, and the fish for protection secure the perimeter against pretenders telling them #ByeFelicia.

4. Rebound from Rejection. Don’t fear it. Rejection tells you quickly who your business partners are. The quicker you present the proposal, the quicker you receive the confirmation. What I love about this tweet, and @jonacuff’s article, is that it’s framed as a direct relationship, rejection to awesomeness. The more awesome the rejection, the greater the level of awesomeness. I always say, “Take it personal, and get over it quickly.” I can now add, “And level up your awesome!”

5. Only Accept Love. This is not about rejecting constructive criticism, Felicia. Leader, you MUST surround yourself with people, clients and partners alike, that challenge you to be better. The expressions of love and production and reciprocity and positive regard are more than just lip service. The integrity, intentionality, vision, and passion rub off from discussions, encouragement, and action. They never make you want to cry. You never contemplate giving up. You may have sweat, but your exhaustion is not the result of always being left to pull their weight. If the “love” they are offering has you often in tears, I have one last word: #ByeFelicia