MAWMonday Motivators 01/08/2017

Love What You Become

Confusion, frustration, uncertainty, and self-doubt. Believe me. I have been there recently. I also have experience overcoming those feelings of pre-fear. Your resilience is found in realizing or reminding yourself of your purpose. With that understood, you can alleviate the confusion. You can redirect frustrations by remembering to create. You can clarify uncertainty by making the intentional investments in the future you envision. You can inform self-doubt with positive self-talk. You can love beyond any achievements. Love what you become.

This week, you have your work cut out for you: Purpose, creativity, investment, positive self-talk, and unconditional love. Meditate on these things with gratitude. Find peace with the moment past, energy for the moment present, and attraction for the moment yet to enjoy. Twitter is helpful as you will see.


1. Remind yourself of your purpose.

You need more than just a sense of purpose. You need to define your purpose as an identified set of capabilities, expertise, and interests. The good news is that this set is resurgent in your experience. The bad news is that you may not give it the attention it deserves. If you need help with that, let me know.

Purpose is important because it counteracts that sense of confusion that can so often beset you. You feel that your life is up in the air. You review the messages, the training, and the situations you have experienced and have trouble finding a common thread. The truth is not in divining a common thread from the outside. Your truth is found through purpose from the inside out. Your gifts are different from the capabilities of others. Your expertise is a specific combination of skills. Your interests have quirks and rabbit holes beyond what others consider. This is your purpose. Be confused no longer.


2. Seek to create more than you seek to change.

You can redirect frustrations by remembering that yours is to integrate and create, not to change. Your frustrations are the result of attempting to move some person or institution toward and understanding and practice you have found to be more sustainable. You may even be warring with yourself. The solution here is not to continue pushing the mountain or awkwardly carrying your heavy burden. It is to conceptualize a mechanism and create an intervention or new perspective that integrates your reality and influences more sustainable choices. Move your energy in response to problems from fighting to solving.

3. Make investments with a long-term view.

Uncertainty is an insistence that the current moment reveal the long-term reality. It is a request that is as impossible as it is fruitless. You can only see the future through faith. What you can see in the current moment is a choice between places to seed your energy: worry or attraction. Make the choice toward attraction.

The choice of attraction is to choose faith that the investment of purpose, smart work, consistency, and gratitude will yield the best results. It is beyond a need to confirm your own vision. It is the knowledge and the trust that your contribution can produce results beyond what you imagined when combined with the efforts of others. Clarify uncertainty by making the intentional investments choosing attraction, trust, and knowledge in this moment.

4. Inform yourself through positive self-talk.

So much of the work in front of you is seated within you. The struggle is much more within you than it is without. I was asked why my optimism is indefatigable. I answered because I know that optimism sponsors other characteristics that support healthy relationships. Optimism sponsors knowledge in that it is open to the next moment’s answers. It sponsors gratitude in that it positions you to return kindness. It sponsors hope in that it trusts that this moment is perfect in timing and content. Optimism sponsors attraction in that it invites light and love.

All these thwart the negatives of self-doubt. Life and choices are not about you and any felt inadequacies at all. It is about the knowledge, gratitude, hope, and attraction that support healthy relationships. Life is about your internal discussion that creates the opportunity for interactive confirmation of your purpose. Speak life. Speak this optimistic life.

5. Love what you are becoming.

Love is a “no matter” proposition. Unconditional love, more specifically, communicates this reality. But, true love needs no qualification. True love is unconditional. Apply that love to yourself. From you. To you.

Love is the platform from which risk to engage your purpose. It is the inspiration that prompts you to create. It is the certainty that emboldens your investments. It is the allowance to believe in the process no matter the outcomes. Love because it is the mechanism that integrates your reality and influences more sustainable choices. Create your interventions from this space of being. Overcome those feelings of pre-fear.