MAWMonday Motivators 01/11/2015

An inspirational question made its rounds on social media, apparently starting on this weekend. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? I was interested in the question because I often encounter clients who have not asked enough questions of themselves in order to answer the question effectively. For today’s MAWMonday Motivators, I list additional questions that support the most sustainable answering of this question.

1. Is your list specific enough to outline actions and next steps? The question is meant to stimulate a list of goals that lead to behaviors supporting your consistent success. SMART goals are the order of the day. Rather than generalities, identify specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-oriented goals. Next, match them with behaviors that you can consistently perform.

2. Would you walk when you could fly? Attainable goals, meet vision outside the box. While your feet are firmly planted on the ground, imagine a world where the current physical laws don’t apply. Allow yourself to contemplate the wonder and whimsy that youth inhabits. Find new solutions in the context of a question beyond coping toward adaptation and resolution.

smart-goals-1-6383. Are you realizing that consistency is the definition of success? Too often, you focus on the outcome before you map out the process. That is why you are striving, trying, working on it, and other caveats to your goals. Your focus is misplaced if it is on the goal. They say, “Keep your eyes on the prize.” But, they are wrong. Keep the prize in mind, but keep your focus on your next step. Or, risk a misstep that delays your progression. Each step, each moment is a chance at winning.

4. What’s the fun in knowing that you will always win? The tweets got deeper. We all want to win. We want the successes, continually. But, what do we have as motivation if not for the struggle? I counsel you not to get enamored with the struggle. Do amazing work in the territory you have. Then, expand that territory. Then, translate that amazing for other populations. Then, expand to the world. Even while you are winning, you will find new relationships, challenging projects, and complexity.

5. Are you asking the wrong questions? In your quest to GET, you may be losing your quest to BE. If you stop and think about it, your life is not judged only by what you achieve. Whether it’s seven biking championships, gold medals, or multi-millions we also judge by what you did in order to achieve. We don’t typically applaud cheaters, but I offer you a higher goal. Achieve while increasing the likelihood that others will achieve behind you. Start with your household. Extend to your neighborhood of believers. Succeed with a legacy anyone can engage with as an example of consistent success. Even if you “fail,” you prepare the way for those coming after you.