MAWMonday Motivators 01/18/2015

Twitter is a great place to learn about social behavior. I learned a valuable lesson this week, not only in the tweets I will share today, but also in the course of participating in #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha. The lesson was reinforced in a conversation I had with an adopted daughter.

Sales & Marketing business signpostThe lesson concerns the difference between sales and marketing. Sales is about brand recognition. Sales wins as it gains the loyalty and commitment of the customer even before the product is revealed. The sale is all that matters.

Marketing engages the curiosity of the customer, and hooks them emotionally to work motivated by their own interest. It connects with them, and connects the product in turn. The sale is the result of the felt relationship between the brand and the buyer.

This insight has value to you in each day of your life. You must determine whether you are selling or marketing–getting things or building relationships. Getting things is the sales approach that bends people to your will. Building relationships means that you commit to walking with the other toward a shared destiny. The world and the web are full of salesman. @MarshaWright challenged me to be a marketer…a relationship builder.

1. Marketing is not proving personal value. I realized something new about my business. I knew my job was not to prove the value of the business, the products, or the services I provide. But, I learned about the “curiosity function.” This is that reality that causes people to search and explore when they want a certain thing. The job is not to “convince.” It is to have engaging information that answers questions and invites trialability once most questions are answered.

2. Your life is your message. The proof has always been in the pudding. Proof is found in the doing and the being. We know who you are and what you have to say by the life you lead. The legacy is created with each choice, each action. I often ask myself, “What does this action communication to my children?” If I feel I have to explain, I consider changing my action. Your actions speak for themselves. And you already know they speak loudly.

3. You prove your effort with mistakes. I knew I would gain some benefit from #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha, and I was not disappointed. I wondered what social interactions would result from participation. I was not expecting a consultation. Yet, I am glad I made a mistake in front of a person with the wisdom to correct it. She wrote in her rules: “If you share great quotes, people will want to share them AND they’ll look into you as well, so keep it social and think of relationships not just pitching.”

Great for twitter. Great for life. I was really struck by “AND they’ll look into you…” My mistake was a mindset that I had to “tell” rather than the truth that they would “inquire.” Marsha’s approach attracts more curious and ultimately more ready partners. I correct my mistake by being ready with partnership guidelines when partners inquire. It does no good for the not interested, and disheartens potential partners to approach an invitation as “telling.”

4. Leadership is demonstrated in your stamina. One of my favorite quotes is “If you quit, go get popcorn and watch the ones who don’t.” It is standing out, consistently that wins. But, that does NOT contradict the theme of this #MAWMonday Motivators. “Standing out” is not an attempt to differentiate yourself. It is the “standing” that is operative, not the “out.”

For you this week and into the future, continue in your representation of truth, balance, and justice. Supports will be drawn to you. Detractors will shy away throwing their darts from a distance. Through it all, you stand knowing that you don’t have to be the last standing. You only have to be one of those standing when the rewards are distributed.

Sailing-vessel5. You were created to make a journey no matter the mark. Truth is I want to make a mark. I want to impact the world in a major way. You must realize, though, that a grand impact is the result of lifetime of steady investment. It is a journey of engagement, relationship, disappointment, mistakes, and resilience. I love the thought that you were not created for the mark, but for the journey.

What will you make your journey about?