MAWMonday Motivators 01/24/2016

Iron-man-magic-wallpaper-5120x2880-02-1600x900You may be tempted to say that I am obsessed with super heroes. That would not be the specific truth. I am obsessed with super powers. My two favorite super heroes have no mysterious super powers. Their super power is intellect. Both are inventors. Both are billionaires. Both have many toys. I am speaking of course of Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Iron Man (Tony Stark).

This week, I am intrigued about the conversion of intellect into capital. The message to you is cliche: Love, and let it begin with you. But, I’m presenting LOVE stripped of the magic and god-like abilities. I’m presenting it Bruce and Tony style. You can figure this out. You can create what you want to see in the world. You will because of Your will, for You and Yours.

1. Enough is Enough. No Proof Necessary.
As it is in romance, so self-love is in all things. The well-worn mantra says go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated. Whenever you attempt to fit in, conform to their standards, or better fit their criteria, you lose another piece of yourself. I had a student who asked, but what about constant improvement and constructive criticism? My answer, you can improve even while being convinced that you are enough. You can listen to criticism without it damaging your soul. A tweep posted, “I’m afraid friend…in some cases good enough isn’t good enough.” I retorted based on my experience with so many clients. Most often, the answer of “I’m good enough” is needed for the question, “Should I even try?”

2. Waiting is Either Wishing or Spending.

One is wasting. The other is investing. It was Tony Stark, Iron Man, who stated, “There is no such thing as magic. Everything can be explained through science.” Fictional character? Sure. But, his point is not just about what he said. He put in the time to create the effects he observed. The difference between Tony and those that called it magic is that Tony calculated, tested and replicated the processes he observed. The others simply accepted what they observed. If it didn’t happen, they couldn’t calculate a reason. They had to create a story. They were reduced to a waste of wishing. Take the Tony Stark example, and spend your time investing in the process that yields results. Yes. Become like Iron Man.

3. Habit is Best Servant or Worst Master.

I spent a couple of hours this weekend with my goals list, weekly schedule, priority list, and my ToDo list. I wanted to ensure that the next 3 months of HaveToDos, Revenues, and WantToDos lined up with my family, financial, and productivity goals. In the process, I identified integrative opportunities, efficiencies, and a schedule of activity that achieves both production and leisure. Habit will serve me well with this as a backdrop. Two hours spent, and the next 2160 hours will be better spent. You should consider this exercise.

4. Beautiful Life. Your heart. Infinite. (Pronounced In-Find-It)
It has been about two years since I launched my Vipassana meditation as an addition to my Producer’s Habit approach. I began the practice as a way to calm, center, and position myself for increased clarity. What I had no expectation of was the beauty I would find deep within myself. It manifests in ideas, energy, and the ability to see others unveiled. This tweet communicates the infinity of reciprocal revelation from you to the you within, and potentially from you to the other. If you every take the time to glimpse that beauty, you will seek it continually for the rest of your life. And best of all, it’s infinite = in-find-it = inside you. It was there all the time.

5. To Add Value. You Must Value.
And ultimately, the question is about sustaining this choice. Practically, that means financing your ability to continually make the choice to do what you love. Rule number one of business: Add value. Sell what people need. Win them as customers by adding value. It could be convenience, expertise, community or something else. This tweet reminds us that each of those value-adds, at their core, is a valuing of the other. So, the question of sustaining your choice, even financially: Do you care enough? Do you value others enough to make a living and a life?