MAWMonday Motivators 02/01/2015

tBDMost people know by now that success is beyond thinking. Success adds doing and being to an ever increasing capacity to dream, envision, and conceptualize. This week’s motivators seemed to be on the doing and being wavelength. They offer a week’s worth of encouragement to you.

1. Believe you can. The thought precedes the action. It also precipitates the action. You may have caught yourself in unbelief. You are unfaithful when you use words like “try” as in “I’m going to try and do that today.” Do or do not as Yoda famously said. There is no “try.”

It’s that cut and dry with belief. You must put on shoes as it were, ready to run on tough terrain. The thought that you can is critical to your action and becoming.

2. Do it Better. You have heard that you should do what you love. You believe that you can.
Now, realize that your sustainability depends on innovation and development. It’s not only the way to build a following, doing it better continues your interest as you explore new possibilities in your building expertise.

3. Be curious. Wonder about the outcomes and impacts enough to put in the effort to achieve them. You already know that failures are only learning opportunities. Explore your limits. Then, go beyond them.

4. Be positive. The glass is rarely full. But, I love this twitpic. See the glass as half full. Perceive with honesty and authenticity. Then, act to fill the glass. Your life is not only what you perceive or what is now. It is what you make it with each intentional action.

5. Feel. The first stage of Kubler-Ross’s grief process is denial. Many live there grieving genuine relationships. I am always intrigued by the result of trauma. Rather than seeking authentic relationship, you isolate. Rather than learning to discern healthy interactions, you self-protect. In your grief of prior relationships, you deny new ones. Slowly, you devolve to bluster in anxiety rather than feeling.

Today and this week, meditate on opportunity. Feel your loss, mistakes, and imperfections. Also, feel your help, support, and another chance. Be authentic, and act to create your dreams.