MAWMonday Motivators 02/05/2017


1. Happiness

Could memory be holding back your happiness? I find that clients often have a strong memory of slights and failures they have experienced. It seems less typical to hold a view of and encouragement in successes and projects completed. I find the Building Analogy to be helpful. Instead of thinking of your work and progress as a journey on a road to success, consider that everything that occurs is a building. Brick by brick. Experience by experience. The good and the bad must be solid, well-formed, lessons neatly, orderly stacked with the cement of intention. That’s even more than happiness. That’s your vision closer to fruition.

2. Your Example

What is your example? Positivity and power. Hope and contentment. Trust that many are watching. I’ve found that three camps exist. First are those who want you to succeed. They just have a treasure in the positive experience of others. Second are those who are watching for proprietary information they can apply to their own lives. Third are those who watch for your failure. It’s not that they want you to fail. It is just that they don’t know what the outcome will be. Train wrecks are entertaining and common. They are poised to be entertained. Do one thing for each group. Show them by your example what a winner looks like.

3. Valuing You

When did a lack of confidence become fashionable? The truth is that it is not fashionable and never has been. To disagree is to miss that confidence moves you to get out of bed in the morning. Confidence tells you that you can gain knowledge and apply the skills you’ve developed. And yes, confidence encourages you to speak up and say that you can when you are ready, even if fear tries to shut you down. Humility is not cowering when you can do your service. Confidence is not saying you can when you cannot. And, faulting anyone for volunteering their ability is devaluing the complex work of building that courage.

4. Love Yourself

So, love yourself. Or, more specifically learn to love yourself. Love that is more than professions and gestures. Love that is more than valentine’s and dates. Love yourself in time spent in exploration and reflection. Love yourself in communion with others. Love yourself in discernment of motives and intentions. Find your peace, your passion, your purpose. Create a lifestyle that extends from your core to change the world around you.

5. Love Yourself First

Here’s the difference. Putting yourself first is unsustainable. Loving yourself first is necessary. Love is more than simple prioritization. Love is a recognition of the reciprocity of relationship. That give and take requires a review of the emotional stores of all parties involved. If your stores have dwindled, it is not only a recognition of resource need, but a recognition of a need to recalibrate relationships. You are not receiving, storing, refueling as much as you need for what is being expended. Loving yourself first is more than a mantra. It is LYF.