MAWMonday Motivators 02/08/2015

I opened Twitter for my morning writing and noticed that #amWriting was trending. I followed the thread and began to interact with the messages shared. As a coach, I see the connection between writing and self-development. I am often quoted expressing the fact that YOU WRITE your own endings. It seems that serious writers are with me. They see writing as a powerful tool. Writing is as important as breathing. It is healing. It is liberating. It is reminder of a great gift.

Imagine the destination. Write the story. Take the next step.

Your opportunity to develop and grow has the same value. Writing, in fact, is a great tool to express and process. It is also a great vehicle for communicating and engaging others. This week, I wish you success as you write in order to grow, produce, and communicate.

1. You can Rewrite Your Story. One of the most important realizations in life is that nothing in your past obligates any future choice. You are free to choose the option that is the most sustainable for you. Yet, many haven’t taken the time to rewrite that past. The actual rewriting of the story allows you to move beyond the obligations and the fears that your past saddled you with. Imagine if you had been born in another family. If the trauma had not happened. If you had not practiced defeat and despair.

Take the time to write your story with you as the millionaire heir. Find the courage to risk in new opportunities. Research and gain the competence to converse among captains and produce among owners. It is not a narcissistic delusion to refuse shame and fear. Maintain your vulnerability and integrity, AND rise above history that tells you that you cannot or that you are not worthy. You are!

2. Keep Working on Your Story. Your story continues with each choice you make. Like breathing, every choice has implications for your continued growth and opportunity. Shallow breaths provide less oxygen. Breaths of pollution choke while deep, fresh air breaths nourish your whole body. Choices with little information provide less options. Choices among poor options bring danger while competence and supportive environments allow you to risk for great reward. Continue to write your story through your choices. Place your narrative in the best setting for continuous success.

3. Motivation is in Your Story. I’m working on a blog for in response to a discussion I had about motivation and self-perception. This tweet fits with my central point. Motivation is not something that someone else gives you. Just as your instinct to pull your hand away when it feels pain, so is your need to do what you want to do. The challenge is to realize that your words about what you want are less revealing than your action. As the tweet says, when you are “really writing” or when you really want something, you have to. The motivation is internal. Acting to put in the effort is the only thing that releases the pressure.

4. Consistent Writing Liberates. At this point in my coaching career, I am surprised when potential clients do not have a writing routine. I expect everyone to at least keep a journal on their smart phones. This tweet gives me the opportunity to talk about the many benefits of a consistent writing routine. I sum them all up in one statement: Writing in a central, retrievable medium allows your brain to multiply its creativity and organizing power on finding innovation and solving complexity. Life is like a math equation. You could potentially solve it in your head, but writing it down can make it easier. It also makes your review and checking possible. As well, writing it down allows you to share your process with someone else.

5. Imagination is THE Gift. Whatever you see for yourself can be achieved in some form. The cool revelation is that you do not have to know HOW it will work out. The reality is that YOU change along the way to a goal. Your understanding of the goal and your own sense of satisfaction changes as you grow and develop to meet your destiny or live your dream. You only need to know the next step. It can be simple, the best next steps are easy. Do that next step. Next, complete the step after that. If you need help identifying the steps, you know where to find me.