MAWMonday Motivators 02/12/2017

This week, I write to remind you of health, well-being, and success all tied up in one word: Hope. I don’t know what keeps you up at night, what criticisms, failures, slander, or loss has you contemplating the worst. But, I do know the solution. It’s the only solution really. It’s the first to arrive. It allows you to see all the other options and possible outcomes. Cultivate hope.

It is hope that whispers try again. It is hope that communicates a deeper commitment. It is hope that motivates a defense of righteousness. It is hope that reminds you of legacy and the promise to meet again. This week, cling to hope. Grasp it with all your might. Then, pull it close to your eyes so that you may see the positive future. Lace it like shoes, and walk among other believers. Use it like a bullhorn to proclaim that life, beauty, and community are certain. Twitter is with me. I hope you are too.

1. Two Health

TWO at a time, here’s TO your health. I know personally the sirens call of a powdered donut or a sinfully sweet treat. Surely you know it too. I am suggesting that you begin to think of that allure in your conception of hope. Refuse the insistence and common perception that setbacks are damaging and holistically hurtful. They sting. They feel awful. You don’t want more of them. Yet, realize that when asked, your response should be, “More please.” Not more of the pain, but more of the hope. Get a second portion of that belief that you will overcome no matter the subject, situation, or setback. You hope in double portion knowing that you learn, you integrate lessons, and you build solutions. Two at a time. You Too. Here’s To your health.

2. Hope for Good

You’ve heard what I am going to say many times before. Hope for the best…for everyone. Even for those that seem to mean you harm. You also know the reasoning. It’s not for them as much as it is for you. What I’m adding is that there is a significant part of the reasoning that is for them. Your hope can extend its power to shine light in their dark areas you both can use. Your hope can start a chain reaction of smiles, openness, and community that inspires the masses. Your hope can render doubt and isolation powerless, open the hearts of the depressed, motivate a movement, and change the world. It all begins with your hope. You’ve heard it before, but now with power: Hope for the best.

3. Walking With Hope

Hope is more powerful because it can’t be seen. Not seen except by those with sight. Those who can see recognize hope in the attempts of a toddler to take their first steps. Hope is visible to dreamers who have a picture of their creation in their minds and struggle to put it on paper. Hope can be seen as a grandfather teaches financial literacy, fly fishing, and gardening to his granddaughter. Walking with hope is realizing that life marches on with much of reality hidden to many. But, it doesn’t have to remain hidden for you. See hope in your steps. See hope as you articulate your ideas. See hope as you show another how to see.

4. Nurture the Seeds

You are not ready if you can’t provide for yourself. A message from Killer Mike at an #ABNC event discussing the self-sufficiency as a prerequisite to revolution. His words hit hard because they expose the reality of dependency upon a system many see as oppressive. The question for me (and you): What will we do then? Before we get to that question, let us address how deeply our dependency is rooted. My challenge: Many of us are not even farming our own hope. We are too busy planting worry and doubt. We are too focused on what we may lose to realize the truth of what we gain. Nurture those seeds as well. Disconnect from the need to be acknowledged and applauded. Disconnect from the wonder of fandom and sales numbers. Create, not only with the hope of a return, but with the confidence that you have done your part. Create for yourself. Know that this confirms your readiness for whatever comes.

5. Speak Life

What are you saying to yourself? What are you putting out into the universe? Simply stated, whatever you WERE putting out, begin to cultivate hope. In uttered words and in self talk, speak of the positive and progress. Watch the seeds of hope grow as you talk in supportive tones, opportunities, and learning. Benefit from the fruit of love, prosperity, kindness, and courage. Utilize those new seeds to expand your garden. Be fed to continue your process of cultivation. Consider what you say as seed you release into the universe. Know that they bear fruit.