MAWMonday Motivators 02/14/2016

635897217705134440-758132465_hand heartThe world doesn’t have enough love. That much is clear. The love we have is often a poorer version of the unconditional positive regard that values me through a valuing of you. How does that inspire you today? It reminds you of a need. And, addressing a need is the foundation of your business, your career, and your abundant life. Let’s talk about what your approach will be supported by some inspiring quotes for this week.

1. Add Competence and Action
Funny thing about talent is that it does not mean much un-shared. Same with creativity, genius, and love. They have to be shared in order to complete their meaning. I meet a lot of people who consider themselves to be pretty, smart, good students, talented, or creative. Many have no sustainable outlet for expressing these qualities. Their records do not reflect these qualities. My job in that moment is to remind them of the need to share. I impress upon them the need to increase in competence, and to act intentionally. I also provide some mechanisms through which they can share.

2. Align Your Attitude toward Results
It is not just that things work out. Things work out because of targeted love and a specific purpose. When things don’t seem to be working out, these are the challenges to address. They begin with your attitude. That is, your approach to the situation based in your experience and expectation. Ask yourself where your love through time, energy, and thinking is being focused. Ask yourself what your purpose through interests, preoccupations, and natural gifts is informing. Review your experience for lessons to apply now. Turn your expectations toward positive and sustainable outcomes. Watch as the results move in your favor.

3. Give Yourself Permission
I get it. You want it–the finished product that you show to the world–to be a brilliant, flawless representation of you. That is admirable. But, you have one fatal flaw. You are attempting to do it all by yourself. How can the product have all that you expect without your allowance of the collaborative process. Realize that you do not do everything well and quickly. Seek out others who you can trust to help. Give yourself permission to benefit from help. The product is still yours. You did it. You also understood how to overcome the toughest barrier and your most formidable critic: You.

4. Keep Writing
This tweet is a favorite because of it’s double entendre. In life, you need to live–continuing to write the story with its peaks, valleys, and periods of reflection. Also, as a major function of MAWMedia Group is author coaching, you need to keep producing that novel, screenplay, training, or self-help text. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to complete it. We can speed production up with help and some self-discipline. I want to make sure that you have not subconsciously given up. Remember your why. Remember your vision. Remember your intention to finish what you started.

5. Focus on Flying
What if questions can be the worst, or they can be the best inspiration. It is good that it is cliche, but you will never know unless you produce. Not exactly the trite phrase, but I took the liberty of emphasizing important words in my version. “Knowing” refers to getting to the end, where you vision is supposed to reside, and looking around in that moment. “Produce” is judging by what your action created, not by the time and activity you invested. Stand in that moment and KNOW the value and legacy resulting from your PRODUCT. Realize that this knowledge of product was the vision all along.