MAWMonday Motivators 02/15/2015

motivators02-15-15This week’s MAWMonday Motivators centers on character. Yes, it’s what you do when no one is looking. But, it’s also who you are in each moment. Today, I’m encouraging you to make decisions with character in mind. Focus on producing your expertise in a way that you can communicate to others. Love and care as a matter of character, not worrying about reach. Create on another level. Meditate on the joy of NOW.

1. Count Character
This is profound on so many levels. Character is the one thing that matters, revealed in action, and misunderstood by many. As a leader, I must evaluate character and shape actions according to policy. As a coach, I must outline, increase competence, and create triggers for character. As an individual, I must refuse Felecias when they come around with their deplorable characters.

Each day, with each choice, you express your character. You show the world what you are made of. You demonstrate your competence, justice, and integrity. When you fail, under pressure, or in absence of review you show even more vividly. Do what you can to make character and self development central to your decision making.

2. Equip Others
Equipping is both a strategy for efficacy as well as for sustainability. You must share your knowledge, but you can also expand your reach in today’s social economy. A number of web sites allow you gain revenue from sharing your expertise. A number of coaching opportunities have created an industry for your expertise sharing as well.

3. Love and Care
Many have adopted cliches like, “I jus want to be comfortable,” and “I am happy if I can reach one.” These mean well, but this tweet reminds us that numbers are not the point. Let’s look at love and caring.

Love as a default, and love with standards. This sometimes means loving yourself enough to refuse to be disrespected. Care as a consistent practice, and care about progress. Help others develop the reminders and increase ability.

4. Live on Another Level
Stuff happens. But remember your passion. You passion isn’t about what happens. That’s expectation. Your passion isn’t about the reactions of others. That’s critique. Your passion is about producing, getting all the creativity and promise inside to show on the outside. Do that, and I promise you will not be disappointed. You will have made the next possibility.

5. Dance in the Rain
The ambitious person will NEVER have all she wants. The wise person gazes forward with wonder, backward with learning, but sees joy right now. Even in the wanting and goals for the future, make a point to enjoy right now. Live in this moment even more fully. Take a minute and meditate on NOW. Not where you’ve come from, not what is on the horizon, not your achievement or opportunity, right now. Is it cold? Are you fed? What color is your shirt? What smells surround you? AND which of those sensations gives you pleasure at this moment?

Focusing on now, whether struggle or triumph yields contentment. Not completion but better. Savor right now and live this moment. Practice that presence of mind, body, and spirit. You are certain to enjoy each moment afterward.