MAWMonday Motivators 02/19/2017

With earnings reports posting for many companies we watch, I re-balanced our stock portfolio leaning more heavily on dividend-paying stocks. It occurred to me that investment is an apt metaphor for a balanced life. Investment is about knowledge, time, and risk just like life. Balance ensures that you get the most value out of your investments and your life.

My motivation to you simply reminds you to make the investment. Think holistically. Take care of yourself. Feed You physically, mentally, and spiritually. More specifically today, Get Spiritual, Get Free, and Get Ready. Twitter is with me. You should be patient and trust me too.

1. Invest in You

A comment on my Financial Literacy FB page asked what investments I would suggest. I responded with the four types of investments: Property, Stocks, Franchises, and Start-ups. (Note to self: Write that blog for I left out an important additional and primary investment. I consider investment in You or investment in self to be a given when someone asks me for advice. The fact that they are seeking greater competence demonstrates the ideal. But, many don’t realize the options, methods, and maintenance of investing in self.

The goal is competence. You want to have the best and most complete information with which to make your decisions. You want to get that information in the most efficient way possible. It takes different forms for different people based on what they have to barter.

2. Get Spiritual

Pursuing purpose is not my favorite way to state this principle, but I know what this tweet is attempting to communicate. You hold life in your hands through the choices you make. The question is whether that life will be used, applied, and engaged or whether it will be guarded, buried, or saved. Getting spiritual is recognizing interaction, growth, and reflection as requirements for living. It is a calling to increasing your spiritual footprint with the time you have been given. Practically, that means making an impact in your sphere of influence. Don’t focus your power inward and suffer. Invest your power outward to give life to others.

3. Get Free

No freedom exists like financial freedom in a capitalistic society. Most people I talk to speak of being “comfortable.” I typically suggest that they put a number to that sense of comfort. My goal is to gain a realistic perspective on needs and wants. Then, move to the recognition of what you have. First, what you have that can improve your financial position. Second, what you have that can support feelings of achievement and contentment. Get free to see beyond the rat race. See the value in yourself and your interactions with others. Invest within the structures of financial health, but remember that health is holistic.

4. Get Ready

Perhaps the most important mental consideration is balance of emotions and emotional energy. Most people offer that you steel yourself and get prepared for the ups and the downs. I am much more prone to suggest strategic investments. Rather than portraying yourself as an impenetrable alloy, admit that you are a lump of clay. Sticks, stones, and arrows do penetrate. They hurt and sometimes leave a scar. I say know where your healing comes from. Invest in relationships, recreation, and realities (including fantasies) that move beyond coping toward adaptation. Judge your investments by their return–the healing when overwhelmed and blindsided, the balance as the daily challenges present themselves. Get ready.

5. Get Patience & Trust

Talk to most self-reflective 20 somethings and they will readily admit that patience and trust are the two most difficult character traits to maintain. Yes, they are character traits, not emotions, states, or perspectives. And, that is the key to development of these character traits. They are best honed through an increase in competence involving both searching knowledge, spending time, and risking relationships.

The investment you make in your search, spending, and risking may not yield the returns that you had hoped. But, they are never wasted. Your character of authenticity is confirmed because you reached out rather than isolating. You sought community rather than protecting your own ego. You chose patience. Any revelation after that increases your competence, and everything falls into place. Trust me.