MAWMonday Motivators 02/21/2016

Behind_curtainIn order to get it, you will have to put in some work. The half-truth is that you have to do it alone. Half true because the first step is totally up to you. Half false because the first step could be to ask for help. You can get competent help. It can fit your budget. And, you can do amazing things. Now, let us focus on what it takes for you to take that first giant step. It will take some doing, but you just need to put one figurative foot in front of the others. This weeks motivators make the figurative literal for you.

‚Äč1. Start with Gratitude
It may appear, only if you have not tried it, that beginning the day with gratitude is without consequence. But, therein is the solution. Try it. You will experience a difference that is immediately noticeable. Your awareness of light and positivity is heightened. Your view of opportunities is clearer. You are less constrained. Should you make it a daily habit, you will see your richness not your want. If you should dare to add purposeful action, you will see achievement manifest.

2. Expand your Mind
To consider that you can is powerful. To realize that you were made for this is life. To realize that you are enough is everything. Of course, it’s fearful. But, that is because you have been trained in a small box. I have two truths for you to consider. First, the physics of the box are the same in this larger reality, except you now have the ability to stretch. You may have to wait longer for the return on your investment, but it comes just as surely as it did in the smaller box. Second, you can find guides, signs, and on-ramps to your continual success in this new reality. Refuse to allow your experience of self-sufficiency in the small box convince you that you can still do it all on your own. Even if it was true that you could, why would you delay your outcomes figuring that out?

3. Create Your Own Definition
Success is not what THEY tell you it is. Your uniqueness, purpose, and need defies their standardized, common definition of success. You must create your own definition. The reason is not just about recognition of success. Your definition informs what you are willing to give in and give up in exchange for your dreams. You want to make sure that you do not lose your love and your life pursuing glittering status symbols and false tokens of achievement.

4. Seek A Deeper Wisdom
Wisdom is to realize that there is something beyond the veil. My favorite analogy is the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. The beauty of the tweet below is that it identifies the source of the truth. Your heart gives you signals concerning the choices you have made, and those you have yet to make. The nagging discomfort or serene satisfaction you feel is a call to a deeper wisdom. Look behind the curtain and realize that the bluster is all controlled by levers and machinery. Understand the mechanism, and learn to control it for yourself.

5. Change the Game
It’s a game. That does not mean that it is always fun. (Have you played monopoly lately?) It does mean that you can learn the rules, determine opportunities to break them, and create a strategy based on the pieces you hold. Review the board fully aware of your goals, and prepare for the game. The simplest goal is to survive until the end. The most rewarding goal is to have fun along the way. The most amazing goal is to change the game for future generations.