MAWMonday Motivators 02/22/2015

This week’s motivators develop our sense of opportunity. As we uncover from the warm blanket of Winter grind, we look forward to the promise of the Spring. It does not appear that the weather will work with us, but it’s all the more reason for our hope and expectations.

1. Get Prepared
I have always seen the Winter as an opportunity to get ahead. It was not that I really was moving beyond everyone. But, I envisioned my alternate self hibernating figuratively through holidays and col weather. I purposes to read, learn, and practice at a rate that would advance me beyond this alternate self. As this tweet suggests, I wanted to be ready for the coming opportunity whenever it appeared.

2. Cash in Fears Who knew fear was so valuable? This tweet uses one of my favorite literary devices to suggest that wealth is what you gain in return for your fears. Indeed, the fact that you fear a thing is indication and constant reminder that you KNOW what will make you successful. Move beyond that hurdle. Learn beyond that problem. Prepare beyond that struggle, and you reach success beyond success sustainably.

3. Focus on Your Rise
The struggle is real. If you want something real, the struggle will match your desire. Winning is not about intensity and burning bright. Winning is about a consistent burn, controlled by a careful plan. You must find the joys in a slow burn while others blaze past you. You will see them littering the path as you continue to rise.

Focus on your rise. Make sure you have created a strong foundation. Make sure your risks have strong evidence and even stronger faith. Make sure that the circle around you offers strength.

4. Let People Go Even as a coach, I have had to learn that it is not my calling to save. My calling is to bring a vision, capability, and habit of salvation to clients. It is their responsibility to capture that vision, develop that capability, and practice that habit. Truth is, many more exist who will talk about it than will ever be about it. I have to keep producing without worry about who consumes. They will receive in their time. They will realize when they are ready. Or, they will not. Those who do will find all the guidance, wisdom, and support they need.

63857846bf1f4475a769f54d75730b305. Make the Common Great
Shout out to my friend, Common Sense on the Oscar win along with John Legend! I sometimes used to think that my life needed vacations. I pined after those weeks at a time when I could have nothing but my own schedule to guide me. I wanted more freedom and autonomy. Through meditation, pressures, and the demands of my dreams, I have come to realize that freedom and autonomy are lifestyles, not vacation destinations. Everyday is my opportunity to make my own agenda. I can create what I want. I must make every opportunity great. If that’s not how my life is set up, I need to change the way my life is set up.