MAWMonday Motivators 02/26/2017

Let’s have a heart to heart. How can two people interact with one another and they both not be changed? Divide out the reasons and you will find that the remainder is a calculated effort to deceive with a purpose to self-protect. But, if that’s the purpose of our interaction, our interaction is pointless. Without impact, there is no education, no movement, no progress, no entertainment, no love, no empathy, and no peace. And, I just figured out what is wrong in this world. You can’t be authentically you if you refuse to be vulnerable. You can’t inspire me to be authentic, because you are afraid of my resistance. We can both be changed, but not if we deny each other’s existence.

This week, I’m going deep in hopes that you will admit that we both have something to learn from each other. If we evaluate our institutions (like education, marriage, and family) for their outcomes, we may realize that we don’t have the full story. We have a lot of re-education to engage, but one point is certain. The truth is in the interaction between you and me and others. You and I will get from here to there through new ways, new definitions, informed choices, and appreciation of the diverse strengths we both bring to the table. Twitter agrees.

1. Hearts and Minds

We are shaped by the institutions we participate in. Recognize the impact of institutions on your life. You can go in with the idea that you only want to receive the benefit from an institution, but you will also be acculturated to the rules, norms, and culture of that environment to some extent. You will adopt some of its ways. In other words, the institution has the potential to change your heart. You can resist, but even your resistance impacts you.

2. New Ways

The old ways did not have the benefit of your presence, your insight, or your uniqueness. Now that you are inserted within the equation, a new set of experiences, perspectives, and lenses are available to the process. Your job is to two fold. Bring your newness to the table unapologetically. AND, welcome the next newness to the table when they arrive.

3. Definitions

What we do defines us. And after all, that’s the definition that matters. That’s the definition that provides the long-term impact.
It’s not just because of the words of the definition. It’s also the cumulative, the exponential impact of your actions on the world. And, if you should happen to create a writing habit in the midst of your actions, you can extend your impact even further. You can create a road map for others to follow. You can leave a legacy that inspires generations of doers.

4. Choices

Consider it a grand achievement to listen to that still, small voice that whispers to you. It’s often a long time coming before we listen to that voice. Most often, it’s because we share rudimentary ideas with small minds (or people whose need to protect us outweigh their vision of our potential) and our ideas get shot down. Give yourself the permission to develop an actual plan informed by that small voice. Explore the opportunities, the mechanisms, and the growth potential. Present the plan, not just as an idea. Prepare a plan in the format of a business plan. Include attention to the market, the income projections, and the network for dissemination. Make the choice to listen to that small voice, but also make the decision to pursue it.

5. Strength

Giving up. I’ve been there. It’s often not as stark a line as you think, not a clear decision to be made before you face quitting. It is often small choices you make to forego another 20 minutes of writing. You can think of other things to do instead. It is often those moments spent defending against the calling inside you that says you are worth more, that you are capable of more. It is often the choice to play it safe even after you have counted the cost and explored the potential reward. Those are the times that quitting whimpers. Those are the times that require more than strength of will. They require strength of character. Not just to know that you can, but to believe that you must–knowing that if you don’t, you will betray the you that you want to be. Knowing that if you refuse this opportunity to grow into your strength, you will deny the strength that you now possess.