MAWMonday Motivators 02/28/2016

5931171740_14fea8385d_bI completed 4 game plans this week. I cannot remember a time in the past when I completed 4 in 5 days. The conversations got me thinking about the insistence of society, experience, parents, employers, teachers, and others on conformity. Not just the sneaking standardization used in evaluations, applications, and regulations. The sinister conformity that limits our perspective, diminishes our giftedness, and quiets our expression. That conformity that we adopt in small, internal voices that tell us that we are unworthy or inferior.

Today, I risk anarchy and license to tell you to break free. That includes their rules, their conventions, their expectations, and their history. It includes your fears, your hesitation, your “trying to,” your people pleasing, and your insistence that you are not enough. Consider an existence that has all the benefits, requires your intentional contribution, but also is evaluated based on your authenticity. Consider a world in which the laws still work, but the experience is much richer. If you could choose that world, wouldn’t you? The reality is that you are the only one who can.

1. Shift Your Energy
From change to integration. From negative to positive. From what if to why not. So many are convinced that they have to change the way they are in order to get what they want. That is only half the truth. You have to shift your energy toward production (contributing) to balance the desire to consume (to have). Many are tethered to a structure of right versus wrong. This is arbitrarily limiting. Shift your energy to identify goals, and apply effort to discern choices toward them. Many ask what if, some even with expectation. This is only the thought requirement of creativity. Creativity also require that you shift your energy toward a plan and implementation making your thoughts into tangible reality.

2. Believe in You
It’s simple. You just don’t believe in You. If you did, you would invest. You would encourage. You would seek out the information that feeds your expertise. The good news is that you can start now. The challenge is to retrain your mind. Your self-talk has to see others as unique and separate from you. They are not better or worse, idols or models. They are who they are. It is time that you define, and be who you were meant to be. Give yourself credit for what you have been working on all this time. Time for the debut.

3. Be Ridiculous
Have the audacity to defy convention. Live the dream. Try something new. You have tried it “nice.” Let’s try it “mean.” You’ve tried to keep it clean. Let’s try it “dirty.” If you are really wanting to shake it up, let’s try it “nasty.” Ridiculous, right? The truth is that when YOU do it, your personality, your values, your integrity will structure the action. Your posture of defiance will allow you to see new opportunities, and explore new directions. The final product will be respectable, cultured, and in good taste. But, don’t deny the creative process by diminishing audacity and license in the brainstorming phase of production.

4. Choose Memories
Their judgement will be a part of the landscape, but that must not define your journey. Make them envious that they didn’t think of it. Figure out a way to make your work a vacation. Create that opportunity for a home-based business allowing you to spend more time with those you love. Invent the convenience that sets you up for life. Each day, make sure you are selecting the activities that will create memories. Don’t miss out on life attempting to make a living.

5. Get Comfortable with Attraction
It is the law. But attraction is much more than that. The law of attraction is one of the set of 20 universal laws. Harmony, karma, wisdom, grace, evolution (integration), transcendence, vibrational attainment, will, interrelatedness (oneness), creativity, acceptance, gratitude, fellowship, forgiveness, attraction, reflection (balance), unconditional love, affinities, abundance, and cause-effect (divine order). Consider that everything you do is a contribution to a certain logical, collective, integral outcome. You have greater power than you realize. It is time for you to realize your power, and utilize it to make the world better for all of us.