MAWMonday Motivators 03/08/2015

Rose Walkway(Sunset)It is the beginning of daylight savings time once again. This week’s MAWMonday Motivators reminds you to keep making progress on your goals. It’s March of 2015. All your goals only require progress. You are successful with each contribution you make toward them. Yes, two full months are in the books. You still have ten left for additional progress this year. I challenge you to see the roses even though the thorns are present as well. If you wrote a chapter per month, you would have 10 chapters in 2015. You are not starting now. You are continuing. I encourage you to continue because…

1. The Time Passes Anyway.
Time does not care about your excuses no matter how real, truthful, or exigent they are. Time keeps moving forward. This past weekend for many, time actually leaped forward and hour with disrespect. You lost an hour. The question for you is whether you actually missed it. Don’t just think about that one hour. Look at your schedule. Are you allowing time to pass without your active, intentional enjoyment. Begin to realize enjoyment in each moment.

2. Perfection is Overrated.
I am the first to argue my perfection in any moment. But, that does not mean that I am never behind or that I never make mistakes. It just so happens that at the moment when I am in conversation about my perfection, I am perfect and present. This weekend, on a project deadline, I feel the pressures of unsustainable perfectionism. The sustainable retort in those situations is not to lament that “Nobody’s perfect.” You respond to those situations with recognition that, though you can reach perfection, it is not a goal. May your goals always turn toward character that honors those who came before you, gives time to those in your present, and leaves a legacy of literacy to those who come after you.

rose-thorn3. Someone Will Not Like Your Choices
You know this. I have found that the problem is to think that someone does not like you. That may be true in their reality, but it makes no difference in yours. Whether you are loved and appreciated by people who do not know (or care to communicate with you about) your intentions, assumptions, or pressures cannot be your concern. You are called to produce, to grow, and to leave a legacy. Overcome their dislike of your choices through continued competence and your own intentional communication. Share your enthusiasm and your context. Realize that you have little use for their approval. You are too busy reviewing the options and informing your approach.

4. Your Potential is Beyond your Dreams
You can calculate where you are (in age, in progress, in weight, etc.). You can calculate where you will come to rest. Age projections are typically 73 before you pass away. You can plan and live each moment to the fullest. But, you do not KNOW for a certainty where you will end up. My encouragement for you is to plan and live each moment to the fullest by making an investment in longevity, progress, and healthy lifestyle. Achieve everyday with optimism, and end each day with thanksgiving. See beauty even among thorns. See mental stimulation in complexity rather than frustration at chaos. You don’t know if you will make it to 93, but you can certainly make the investments that will predict your 93 as vibrant, engaged, and amazing.

5. Progress is Success
I refuse to beat myself up. The line is long with people who are ready to do that for me, brutally, mercilessly. I choose instead to continuously improve. By the time each of my accusers get to the front of the line, I have updated my status, increased my competence, and implemented sustainable change. You do likewise. It will not all be completed all at once. Do not allow that expectation of others to worry you. Never expect that distortion of time and reality from yourself.