MAWMonday Motivators 03/15/2015

Mistakes. That’s the topic of this week’s MAWMonday Motivators. As we celebrated a special Pi day, this week 3.14.15 date gives us two more numbers of the math nerd holy sequence. I’m posting today in honor of this once in a lifetime occurrence. Double meaning for many here. Bringing up Math reminds you of your mistakes. But, here’s the key: Mistakes are not the problem. It’s fear of making them that is the problem. And, once again, you face the fact that fear is the culprit.

This week, contemplate taking the risk. Don’t do it, whatever it is. First, let’s just sit and think about the potential stressors and the rewards. Let’s cogitate on life if you did the research, created the plan, took that chance. You could fall flat on your face. It will hurt! Yet, you could also live in a place you have only dreamed about. You could love in a way that respects your contribution. You could laugh with so much joy that your eyes water.

Often, this means giving up on the foundation of fear that has haunted your past. Let go! You have endured the past. Now, you step into that of which you are worthy. You don’t feel worthy? Build. Learn. Practice. It will make perfect.

keep_calm_and_eat_pie_cloth_napkins-rc7abf2bd85714516af5b854c641fad3c_2cf00_8byvr_5121. You’re Covered
Full disclosure: My wife made me two sweet potato pies this week. As I sat down to respect them in the only way you should respect pie (eat all of it), I was tempted to think of my Winter waistline. That’s my reference to the pounds that inevitable creep up during the winter months. But, I took a deep breath, resolved to eat my fill, and enjoyed. I don’t regret it one bit. And, it was so good!

How much of the choice in your life is like pie? My decision to eat pie was made well before I sat down. It was inappropriate for worry to enter that moment. I practice balance. I exercise. I fiber-ize. I veget-ize. I also enjoy pie. So, it makes sense in the context of balance if I p-ies as well. 🙂

I’m with you! I’m only requiring that you practice balance, and give yourself a regular break. You must intentionally enjoy yourself regularly. Sustainable choice behavior is not about making the “right” choice every time. It is about making the choice, in each moment, that leverages the moment for your continued success. Sustainable choice is made more likely in the context of balance.

2. You’re Imaginative You actually don’t need all those negative memories with people telling you to be “humble” and “lower your standards” and “have a backup plan.” You make those fear-reinforcing messages up in your sleep. What you want to practice is imagining the contexts and personal grow plan that reinforce your gorgeous, your worth, and your progress. Reinforce because I need you to know that your AMAZING has already been introduced. You walked in, and everyone who was paying attention instantly felt something. Imagine that!

3. You’re Perfect

You are a master at creating outcomes. They are sometimes different that what you expect or convincing messages that you need to change direction. But, they are outcomes. Or, as El suggests, they are signs. El finishes her thought on Facebook. The whole quote is:

Don’t view your flaws as barriers or your mistakes as permanent. See them instead as detour signs, pointing you toward a new path or as harbingers of changes you need to make or best of all as learning opportunities. For it’s in our moments of greatest pain that we do in fact grow the most.

royalty4. You’re Majestic Majesty, from the Latin maiestas. I could have said that you are royalty. I could have talked about your highness. But, majesty outranks your Royal Highness. Yes! Look it up. I need you to know that you are greater, higher, more than enough. Now, navigate through the protocol, the liturgy, and the tradition to see your worth. Anyone who would seek an audience with you must respect your Majesty. Truth is, they do. It’s you who think that lowering to their peasantry makes you relevant. It does not. It makes you common, and you get treated that way. You were relevant already. That’s why they want the meeting with you. As they bow, invite them to rise to your level. Never let them waste your precious time.

5.  You’re in Control

Granted you do not control everything that happens in your life. But, that’s not what I said. You are responsible. Accept it. Now, do something about it. The proverbial “they” are going to blame you anyway. They are already talking behind your back. They already have less respect for you than you think they should have. I’ve said before, Stop focusing on what They Think and live your life according to what We Think. That is, get that voice inside to speak life. Rehearse blessing rather than curses, encouragement as opposed to failure, learning rather than enduring. We KNOW (not think)  you’re covered, imaginative, perfect, and majestic. Accept control, and let’s continue in success.