MAWMonday Motivators 03/20/2016

1305-alibaba-1This week I wanted to provide some advice to those who are bigger than where they are. You know what I mean? You are working at a job or jobs that just are not providing enough. Sure, you get paid. But, you know that your life is much more than what you are doing at the job. I was reminded of the story of Jack Ma, the creator of Alibaba and a man with a net worth of $29.8 billion. He failed, and he was looked over. In his own words, “I applied 10 times to Harvard University in the US and I was rejected.”

Now, many believe the moral of this story is “Never give up.” I think the moral of the story is “Stop playing small.” But, how, what, when, and where. Those are the questions you have right now. I can help you with the answers, but you first must switch your mindset from perseverance and ambition to patience and ubuntu. (Look it up!). And, that’s what you must do now. Stop working only with what you know to do. Get more information. Expand your options beginning backwards from identifying what it is you REALLY want. Even if your desire is to sit wearing a civara in Central Park meditating with others, put it on paper and work backwards to identify the questions you still need answers to. Find people and other resources to get the answers.

Twitter agrees.

1. Take a Moment
First step, think about what you want to be. The greatest challenge is to be completely honest AND be completely transparent about what the desire entails. You want to work, but only when you want to. You don’t want others around unless you want them around. You want to be on the beach, but you want the option to ride on a bike path. It doesn’t matter how far-fetched or complex it is. Identify it, and make sense of it. Your desire will never manifest if it is unclear.

2. Ubuntu
Now, add in the reality of your humanity. Not a need for your desire to be noble or altruistic, but a recognition that you don’t live on the earth alone. It is this realization that is the origin of your thoughts about the value that you may bring to others. Value that people would pay for. Payment that could support your goal development.

3. Count the Costs
Do not allow others to tell you it is impossible or tell you it is too costly. Calculate what it would cost. Remember that you can translate time, relationships, and information into capital. If you don’t have the money, you make the money. But, realize that the costs will include more than money. Balance the costs in the short-term with the benefits in the long-term. For example, it does no good to work toward a better life for your child while missing the experiences and engagement with them growing up.

4. Patience for Real
Wait. “I am waiting!” I had a conversation with my wife recently. She gave me the best advice. Exactly what I needed. But, my immediate thought was, “I don’t want this advice!” She told me, “Things take time. You must be patient.” As soon as my the thought of impatience entered my mind, I knew her words were perfect. I bet many of you are like me in that moment. You understand that you must be patient, but you also scream on the inside, “Hurry up!” One problem. That’s not patience. That’s anxiety. Patience is a progressive, positive, industrious, care-taking attitude while you wait. Easier described than done. But, necessary for the reality that you want in your life.

5. Chill
You want it now, but I am not sure that you have mapped it completely. You still have questions to answer. You still have partnerships to connect, networks to develop, options to list. You want it now, but you need to realize that IT is not a rush job. It can’t be a rush job if it is going to be sustainable. It can’t be about speed. Two reasons: First, you need to enjoy the process along the way. Without enjoyment of the process, you diminish happiness to fleeting moments of achievement. Second, recognition of process and articulation of process reminds you that heartache is a certain part of your journey. Rather than speeding through both pain and triumph, take your time to learn throughout the process. Resolve to build stronger, bigger, and more influential in order to support the journey of those who come after you.