MAWMonday Motivators 03/26/2017

5 Cast Offs toward Finding that Creative Space

Practically, this means take a chance on another idea. You don’t have to know all the steps. Just get intentional with the next step. Filter all your feelings through love. Risk. Remove the danger, but overtake the fear. Wake up and focus! Work chance and your dream through with the skills you now have, and watch as your vision becomes real.

Twitter provides some guidance. I believe in you. Create!

1. The How

You just have to identify the what, calibrate the feeling, and take the next step. The rest is really not up to you. And, it’s a good thing that it is not because your destiny is beyond what you could even think or imagine. You figuring out the parameters and the limits would only serve to decrease the outcome. Be open to the possibilities. The sky is not the limit. Think galaxies.

2. The Feeling

Love is one, and the primary, most important, longest-enduring reality is Love. Love is more than a feeling, but it is a feeling as well. As a feeling, it motivates, consoles, connects, and sustains. Love motivates with passion both rational and irrational. Movement is certain. Direction must be managed. Love consoles with the acknowledgement that the journey was worth it no matter the outcome. Love connects through both attraction and shared love. Both romantic and platonic, purposeful and recreational, it is the same love with different actions. Love sustains through its propensity for change. Nothing is ever the same when love is allowed to spread.

3. The Regrets

I am a firm believer in deciding early, incorporate into your decision making the question of regret prior to taking action. If you may regret the action, if the outcomes may not live up to your expectations, carefully consider the action. Another way to say this is, “Always do your best.” This is your best: to count the costs and choose decisively. Regret exists only in missed opportunities, half-hearted attempts, and being played. Risk for an opportunity, all-in risks, and playing the game with your best contributed will never be sources of regret. Lessons maybe, but never regrets.

4. The Fear

Listen to your intuition. It has a lot to tell you. Distinguish between the discernment of fear and danger. Danger should be avoided. Steps should be taken to reduce and even remove danger from the equation. Threat of harm must be diminished.

And then, there is fear. I am prepared to suggest that you run toward it. Do your homework. Prepare. Make the necessary calls for mentoring and support. Train. But, realize as the meme says, “Being scared means that you’re about do do something really, really brave.” Accept that intuition–a reminder that you are on the right track to something transformative.

5. The Dream

Try, try again. One day…Consider that you have been moving toward this day all your life. Rather than dreaming, thinking about missed opportunities and how things have not worked to your advantage, scratch that. Wake up and focus! Meditate on the fact that everything up to now is your advantage. What you know. Who you are. What you have been through. The resilience you represent. All of this is the foundation and the journey. Meditate on the end. Realize the elements that are Now revealed. Envision the reality that is still future. Capture it in your mind’s eye and see it come to pass.