MAWMonday Motivators 04/09/2017

Lessons from 43 Years of Seeking Authenticity

You are reading the last #MAWMondayMotivators before my 43 year birth anniversary, and I want to share what I have learned in that time. You exist in this plane in order to offer something unique to the world. You will face adversity and challenges. You will question the frequency, intensity, and duration of your contribution. You will stare down problems sometimes questioning whether you can make a difference. You may even question whether you have what it takes to address the most problematic of social, emotional, and psychological ills. I am here to tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. What you bring, what you offer to this world is enough. Be you. It is only the diminishing, the hiding, the isolation, and the false humility that limit your contribution.

Twitter is with me as always. Shine. Master your mind. Dwell on the constructive. Unleash for an Intentional Future.

1. Shine

I’m not built to be ordinary. Truth is, none of us are. Ordinary, standard, typical is convenient for institutions and group management, but it is not what each of us is meant to be. Even in our collaborations, the benefit is that we each bring something unique to the discussion. Different perspectives, different lenses, different goals and agendas. We have the opportunity, even a calling, to shine.

Yet, this shine isn’t a bright light of interrogation hiding us from view to disorient the other. Our shine is a spotlight on talent, contribution, possibilities, and potential. It highlights what we have put effort into, and what we can add to the equation. Our shine is our individual expertise. It is also our wish to make the world a better place.

2. Master Mind

A conversation with a colleague this week emphasized this point to me. It is much too easy to look on at injustice and complain. It is easy still with courage and some modicum of power, privilege, or license to stand against anything unjust. It is much harder develop ourselves into the expert translating that power, privilege, and license into a movement for the change of injustice. That master plan requires a holistic analysis and a projection of the unintended consequences. The plan requires us to take on the responsibility. It potentially places us in the seat of authority to be criticized and questioned. And, it is exactly the path we must take. The master plan extends to community impact. It begins internally with psychological and emotional intentionality. Master your mind, and make your world better first.

3. Dwell on the Constructive

Consider that problem solving has more approaches than you have been led to believe. Even beyond the problem-based versus solution-based approaches, even our acceptance of emotional baggage and self-doubt born out of an awareness of others despairing can be problematic. Of course, you know to maintain friends with positive energy and reject those who maintain negativity. But, curious, authentic people will encounter despair from sources other than chosen companions.

The challenges are presented to you each day. You may think for a moment that you don’t have what it takes. You don’t have the access, the clearance, the position, the opportunity to stand against the despair or negativity. That is a false reality. You have everything you need. Now is not the time to second guess it. Now is the time to continue in development, and make the world better.

4. Unleash Abilities

Anything is possible! That is the solution. You have not thought of it yet. You may not have seen the solution. You may not have arrived at the maturity level to comprehend what is in front of you. But, always maintain your edge–the faith that failure to see and comprehend at the moment MUST give way to growth and revelation. As sure as seeds are buried, unseen, and rise from the earth to bear fruit, so your continue belief, nurtured and maintained will yield results in season. Harvest that fruit and make the world better.

5. Intentionality and Your Future

Deliberately create your future. Know that your intentionality is what makes a difference in the world. I know the tasks seem daunting. I know that you have more examples of failure than you do of triumph. I know that, in your competence and respect, you realize how complex and important the challenge waiting in front of you. But, deliberately, you also know the stakes. You also know the potential for reward. You know the impact on you, individually. You know that if you approach this task with intent, you will change the world. The universe gave you permission the day you were born. Change the world for the better.