MAWMonday Motivators 04/16/2017

Your Past, Passions, Peculiarities & Your Rebirth

#EasterSunday It falls to me in this week of peace and harmony to remind you of the importance of non-conformity. I remind you that we are as different as the painted Easter eggs on the outside. We are also as surprising as those plastic Easter eggs, which hide special treats inside. My challenge for you this week is to take the risk that is thinking through your unique contribution to the world. See your past, passions, and peculiarities as more than youth and repression. Realize the purpose that extends from what intentional reflections upon past, passions, and peculiarities have forged.

Twitter is my muse as always. Also recurrent, enjoy more than just a holiday today. Experience a personal rebirth.

1. Harmony toward Courage

One great deception about peace and harmony is that naturally result from attempting to maintain them. It’s just not consistent with history or the best of analogies. Indeed, the tighter you attempt to hold on, the more you squeeze dangerously close to your target suffocating or slipping away. Harmony in music is the initially cacophonous presentation of ability. Separate talents put on display. Voices added seeking a beauty of integration. Their committed attempts building confidence and trust until what is heard sounds like music.

Harmony with human relationships are the same. We have different views and values. It looks like what we could call argument in the beginning. But, our commitment motivates us beyond our initial frustrations. We continue to seek common ground and shared value in outcomes. Confidence and trust build until we achieve our goal. The result is music to the ears.

2. Courage to Begin

Standing out is not easy. That is what it feels like to step out and say you will not conform to being just another also-ran. Stepping into the obscure spotlight of your family and friends feels no different than arriving on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. Each level opportunity to perform your expertise offers a nervousness seated in the newness of the experience. Every move to live beyond what is expected, to launch out without a certain net, to live with yes and verily requires courage. Begin. Begin again. Keep beginning. Keep practicing that courage, and you will succeed.

3. Begin with Thoughts

If you don’t have an idea, don’t despair. Even in the absence of that grand idea, trust the belief that you are destined for more. Even in the absence of the answer, trust the importance of your questions. Even in the absence of the clear path, trust in the knowledge of your next step. Everything begins with a thought. Make your first thought one that includes trust. Believe that it will all work out. You win either way. You waste no energy in negativity. You treasure the lessons as they are revealed.

4. Thoughts toward Transformation

Renew. That is the word that comes to mind as I contemplate Easter, this Spring season, and your opportunity. It is cliche in some ways but true, they can’t hold you down. What was meant for evil, will turn to good. The situations that seem hopeless right now require only three days and your belief to become annual reminders of hope. It begins with your choice. Focus on the miracle you hope for. Contemplate the person, the testimony, the impact your story will have. Live within that expectation. Renew your mind.

5. Transformation toward Rebirth

Let go, the tweet says. But, it is not a waste. Let go of the insistence that the past define you. Let go of the continued imperfection that the past represents. Let go of what is behind, and focus on what is ahead. Accept your past, passions, and peculiarities as the warm up. See them as the journey during which you paid your dues. Experience the opportunity of now as if singing a song you have prepared your whole life for. Experience the opportunity of now as if you were born for this part, in this moment. Then, in this moment, realize that it is true. You were born for this.