MAWMonday Motivators 04/17/2016

rejoiceLast night, I talked with a cousin I have not spoken to in 15 years. No drama, just lost touch as we grew up. Have you ever had one of those conversations that snaps you out of the pity party you didn’t even know you were having? Bottom line without telling you the whole story, she has overcome A LOT. I thought I was upbeat in the face of adversity. She is positivity personified! Not just a choice between equally good options, but joy because it is the only option that creates a difference. Not in the mantra dejure sense, but in the sense that “I have overcome much, and this current challenge is little by comparison.” Keep pressing forward, Cousin. I heard you, and I was inspired.

And to those of you who are looking for motivation, twitter is answering your call in the voice of my cousin. Seek out people who can do for you what my cousin did for me. Find people who make you better, and keep them on speed-dial. And, read their blog each week 🙂

1. Network with Overcomers
I’m just going to put this out there. You want to get over yourself, talk to someone in recovery. You want to be inspired, listen to someone who sponsors others in recovery. If you want to strike a balance between unwavering standard and unconditional acceptance, attend a recovery support group. Or, just do like I do. Prioritize your friends who have successfully overcome above all others. You will never regret it. I have no question that I am unconditionally loved. I have no illusions but that I must strive to be better each day.

2. Make Each Other Better.
And, better each day is the point. No matter the downfalls, the pain, the mistakes of the past, TODAY is my day for sustainable choices. From more water, to appropriate rest, to nutrition, to seeking sustainable love and refusing damaging relationships–Today is my day. Yet, it is not about me. The beauty of the mechanism is that I become better as I work to make others better. My encouragement, investment, positivity, love, and energy never returns void. They always find their way back to me, often multiplied.

3. Elevate Your Game.
As the tweet says, “Never chase…Elevate!” If you have thought about it, now write it down. If you have written, now walk it out. If you are walking, work toward a jog. Got the jog down consistently? How about a sprint? Sprint looking good? Time to crowd-fund and build an escalator. Elevate!

4. Start
I am given to saying, “Continue” because the truth is that many have started. But, this tweet makes sure that you prioritized your action in ways that make operational sense. The necessary comes first. These are the things that you HAVE TO do. They are required by law, or without them your effort does not count. Next, do the possible. These are the things that are simple in comparison, and also provide a foundation of credibility. Continue! And, the impossible begins to seem more possible. Continue! And, the impossible is being completed.

5. Don’t Stop
…and by all means, Don’t make excuses. You will make mistakes. As my cousin said, “You will back slide.” You are not perfect. But, channeling Lombardi, “…if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” Don’t chase it. Elevate to achieve it. Prioritize the necessary, the possible, and the impossible. Keep pressing forward. Instead of making EXCuses, make EXCellence!