MAWMonday Motivators 04/23/2017

What’s Your Opinion?

Is it going to work out for you? Are you going to find your way? Is it all going to be worth it? Yes. Why not? If someone is asking your opinion about the situation, give your opinion. I don’t need to know the situation, but I do know that there is no value in fear and negativity. What’s more, I know that faith and positive energy have benefits physically and metaphysically. Level 1: Until the IT happens, my opinion is that it will work to my good. Level 2: Even when IT seems against me, my opinion is that the universe is still moving to my success.

Twitter agrees with a bonus tweet this week. What’s your opinion? I expect that you will agree with me. 😉

1. A Wall Between

The tweet speaks of sadness, but it can be any feeling that is uncomfortable or anxiety producing. Those feelings are only built separations from the beauty and enjoyment of life. You must focus on the gardens and your experience within them more than the interruptions that border each one. Spend time on the smells, colors, diversity, and life in the gardens. Heed the lessons and perspective that the walls give you. Accept the reminder that the experience of the next garden is to be relished as an undeserved gift.

2. No Limits in Sight

What you see is not just a physical reflection of light translated into electrical signals for the optic nerve. Sight is also what you feel in your heart even without evidence. But, this tweet is about not seeing as much as it is about seeing. It reminds you to allow facts to give you perspective, a sense of depth, and proprioception. But, never allow what you see to limit you. You don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t know the mysteries of the universe, but you do know the secret. Allow! Don’t see the sky as the limit. It’s just a portal and a vantage point to the stratosphere. The stratosphere is not a destination. From it, you can see the stars. From star to star, you can see new galaxies. Again, never limits, just new portals and new vantage points.

3. Limitless Life

Translate the portals and vantage points into a pattern of progress. That’s success. Life is not about destinations. Life is about the journey. That journey continues until you leave this earth. If you’re lucky and intentional, it extends even beyond your departure. Limitless. The simplest of secrets is that this, limitless life depends on your pursuit of your passion, the road you cover, and the road map you leave for others. Passion. Persistence. Legacy.

4. Good & Bad News

And, we return to choice. That question of opinion once again looms. Nothing is permanent. Is that the good news or the bad news? I choose good news. “But, what about the success and the good times? Don’t you want those to last?” No. I want them to give way to new experiences and better times. I want to reach one who reaches thousands. I want to reach thousands who touch millions. I want to inspire millions whose single contribution creates one million points of light. I’m still on one, but nothing is permanent.

5. That Moment

This moment…Where I am right now…The opportunity, perspective, experience, knowledge, grace… It is for enjoying. Release those thoughts of selfishness, impropriety, and sloth. Those are not in the definition of enjoyment. Your joy is. And, if you can intentionally find the joy in every moment, you can do the seemingly impossible. You can live beyond the worry and anxiety of other people’s opinions. You can choose for yourself what you will believe, what you will expect, how you will live. As for me and my opinion, I think it’s all going to be amazing. Mark this moment. If you have not already decided, start now.