MAWMonday Motivators 04/24/2016

635892115219721379-1017069200_DefinitionLife seems to be overrun with definitions. Defining yourself, defining your success, defining your purpose, and more exist. If it’s not definitions, it’s decisions. What. How much. When. Where. And, Why.

I don’t think there is any virtue in attempting to simplify life. It is what it is. I believe the opportunity is to take it in achievable chunks. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Know what the list includes, but focus purely on the next step.

As always, Twitter agrees with me and provides deeper insight.

1. Two Definitions
Patience and Attitude. The two things that define you. Look a bit longer into that mirror. The YOU we are talking about is a collection of choices, an ability to calm and balance, and a penchant for getting the answer right even when you weren’t sure of the question.

I’m always corrected when I question, “I don’t think that’s the best attitude.”
“I don’t have an attitude!” the person typically retorts.
“Aha! Precisely,” I cryptically conclude.
Have patience. I will explain.

2. The First Barrier
Giving up the good for the great is easier said than done. Sure, letting go of something that has run its course is a cinch. But, good is your cherished blanket, your lucky sweater, your comfortable tennis shoes. You don’t see anything wrong with good. All the supposed flaws are only character and launching points for your stories. You and good have been through a lot. You are loyal, it seems, to each other. To give up good is to betray a friendship that sustained you through tough times and celebrated with you in better times.

That is what you are being asked to do. Give up the traditional, the standard, the everyday, the common, the comfortable. Giving up good is challenging yourself to risk again. It opens up the possibility that you could fail. That’s why it’s hard. But, think of it this way: Great is not even the end point. Great is just the next step. Further, you are not giving up good as much as integrating what you have gained into the next step. You are better equipped for this next step that you ever were for good. And, that relationship turned out so well that you now contemplate not letting go. Give up good and keep moving forward.

3. Certainty
Remember, you do not know what the future holds for certain. You don’t even know the person you will grow to be. But, you can predict both based on your temperament, your approach, your resolve, and your priorities. Simply put, your attitude determines your altitude. We typically focus on the altitude as the goal, but it is the attitude that holds the real power. Sure, the altitude allows us to see many things at once. But, the attitude is what determines outcomes in the moment–at the critical decision points.

For example, you can be certain that no matter how many Lotto pay-outs a person with poor financial literacy receives, she will never make her ends meet financially. Yet, a person with a modest income and financial skills can grow meager amounts into an inheritance for his grandchildren. That’s the power of attitude.

4. Decisions, Decisions
Listening to a little Nightengale. Reflecting on a bit of Proctor. Meditating on some LOA. And, I got a bit anxious. I realized that I may not have been as clear about what I want. How could this be? I have a 3 years left on my latest 5-year plan. I have the monthly, the Master list, the Daily-Do list, and the done list working. I am checking each daily, but I may still not project the decisiveness needed to attract what I want.

It’s not just decisiveness about what you want. Just like you can’t expect a Santa Claus of your dreams, you can’t expect a GET when the point is to BE. What do you want to BE? That’s your biggest, most important decision. Check to see whether all your planning and doing is resulting in any becoming.

5. Set Your Mindset
And such is the cliche: It’s all in your mind. But, look deeper. What is the single most effective way to change your perspective? It’s all in your mind. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but not the physical brain. The waste would be wasted energy on anxiety, even impatience, and wishes for quick fixes. Your mind has the power to systematically apply information toward the creation of innovative methods. In other words, learn and increase your competence. Take care of the next step. And, all will work as it should.

In still other words: You define what your life means. You decide what you become.