MAWMonday Motivators 05/10/2015

Shows: Napoleon  Source: drew gardner
Shows: Napoleon
Source: drew gardner

On its surface, Suffering does not seem like a very motivating word. But, I have never been accused of being a surface thinker. What struck me this week was the connection between suffering and action expressed in one quote attributed to none other than Napolean Bonaparte. Your motivation this week: If you don’t want suffering. You must act.

I know you are hurt and discouraged. You are no stranger to disappointment. Frankly, they (whoever THEY may be) are not worthy of your best. Yet, you MUST give your best because it is consonant with the energy you vibrate with. It is correlated with the karma you want returned. In short, your best is not action for them. It is action for you. It is not only that the end will justify you. It is that your character of consistent effort is your success no matter how others evaluate it.

1. Seek Sustainability

Anyone who knows me has heard me talk about the fallacy of Good vs. Bad. I offer that, instead of determining what is good and what is bad, seek to interpret what is sustainable and what is unsustainable. For this to work, you would need to know and understand the goals of the person making the decision. For you and your decisions, this means knowing yourself. It is being intentional, but also being honest.
The “good” is not just in condemnation from a point of view, but “good” is engaging honestly and authentically to challenge and seek understanding of varying points of view. You can invite conversation as long as all parties are seeking to understand, and not just score points. In this way, we reach a collective understanding sustainably.

2. Influence Hearts

Some hearts are stone. That typically means that they are so consumed with attempting to protect themselves that they are incapable of risking an awareness of your feelings. Most hearts are not stone. Even the stony hearts are not always that way. What that means to you is keep shining. Your influence and your greatest power is in your consistency. You believe in it. You research it. You talk about it. You are about it. AND you change when you get new information. You grow when you realize error mixed with your conviction. You evolve more refined, more measured, and even more powerful. This is how you influence hearts.

3. Value You

That’s the best I can say it. You have everything you need. You don’t need another degree, another couple of years, or even an opportunity. You have everything you need. Abundance and light are available to you. Believe and expect both and more. Get the equipment, the space, make the time, the money. But, none of those things equate with your success. Many have those things now and do not have success. It is YOU, your commitment, your desire, your expectation, your intentionality that make the difference. Realize right now, in this moment, you have everything you need. Now what? DO.

4. Take Risks

Believe me. I don’t feel wise after a failure. But, I take heart that I put my courage to the test and did not flinch. Beyond that confidence and expectation for future success, wisdom is knowing that one risk and return does not a career make. A career is built on many actions and reactions. It is characterized by many ups and quite a few downs. The difference of wisdom is to gain value and leverage value in each experience. And when you hang up your spurs, wisdom is having shared the path of courage as a legacy to the next generation who will ride herd over cattle on a thousand hills.

5. Be Awesome

My wife and I have talked a lot recently about character. Our discussions have caused me to add an element in my self-reflectiveness and meditation. How does my character relate to what I do? What does that relationship MAKE ME? What am I? The simple solution is I AM. What that means, and what I meditate on, is a lesson to you. Live each day as an authentic, unapologetic, fearless being. It doesn’t matter where you are, what happens, who saw it, or whether credit was given where deserved. It only matters that YOU ARE, just as I AM. As we influence others to join our movement, we improve the world around us. As we act within our character, we redefine success in the image of authenticity.