MAWMonday Motivators 05/15/2016

turbulent seaI don’t know if you noticed, but I missed MAWMonday Motivators last week for the first time in over 84 weeks. Caught in the turbulent sea of emotions that attend graduations, new connections, transitions, and farewells, my responsibility to write weekly encouragement was spent in active demonstration of my advice. Now, the sea has calmed. Yet, like you, there are many miles left to swim in order to reach the shore.

This week, the sea analogy deposits the familiar concepts of faith, inspiration, perseverance, risk, and gratitude. But, Twitter gives each a refreshed perspective.

1. Faith Insists
…that the impossible dream is coming true. Imagine being out in the sea, no land in site. You pick a direction based on your best estimates and information, and you swim. It is only faith that sustains that movement. And, just like that analogy, you WILL MAKE IT to the shore. Impossible! Some may say. But, impossible is what faith was made for. Faith insists! That’s a powerful image in words. Faith does not simply suggest with a one-off appeal. Though it may whisper, it messages repeatedly. It reminds you, constantly, that dreams come true.

2. Critics are Inspiration
…for your success. They are not there to make you feel bad or to cause you shame. Even if that is their intention, it is not your perspective. You are motivated to express yourself. You are wise enough to know that giving your best is all you have. You are confident enough to know that your best is enjoyment for you first. In this context, the critic is another set of eyes present to see you enjoy yourself. You think, “Maybe they have seen this before. Today, I’ll change it up for them.” If they have criticisms, you may think, “Though perfection is not my worry, I resolve to enjoy my express more excellently.” And, you evolve. You grow.

3. One Day I Won’t
…be whatever I’m lamenting today. This quote by Dwayne Johnson brings joy and often a giggle. On one hand, it speaks to the power of perseverance and a positive outlook. On the other hand, you have to know the consistent effort and sweat and re-invention Mr. Johnson put into his career. Find a friend. Use one of their hands to realize the role model that was Dwayne’s father, who challenged him to be the best and inspired his physical development regimen. You quickly become aware that crying over what you are today is wasted when you MUST be developing with the time you have in this moment.

4. Dare to Fail
…and trust that it is worth the initial pain. Is it going to be worth it? Here is the deal: Do your best. Make the most sustainable choices based on the information you have. Seek new information. Have integrity. And, I still don’t know how it is going to turn out. What I do know, though, are two things. First, you will be able to hold your head high in the face of anyone. Second, you will have more of what you need to make the next choice, and to make it more sustainably.

5. Gratitude is the Enabler
…allowing you to appreciate everything as it is right now…Right Now! If you can get this through your mind, allow it to permeate your spirit, and use it to anoint your feet. The past is depression. The future is anxiety. Don’t worry about them. What is your task right now? Do that and rest assured that you are exactly where you need to be. Your past was a lesson. Your future is an opportunity. Build the ship with the lessons that will enable your safe passage through to the opportunity. Right now…Build.